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Tune Connect is a free powerful application for Mac OS X ,which allows you to control iTunes on a remote Mac that is part of our(local) network. So, no matter which computer we use, we can control the playback of music on any computer in the house. Using the power of Remote Apple Events and AppleScript, two technologies built right in to Mac OS X, TuneConnect accomplishes its job quickly and easily (and freely, thanks to its open source licensing).

TuneConnect has two applications, one that runs on the server side, this means we must install TuneConnect on the same computer you have iTunes, it will serve as a server and another that runs on the client side, i.e the computer where we are.Then we can install as many clients as you want, one on each computer from which we will control iTunes remotely.

From one compact, size-changing window, you can play, pause, and jog through your music, choose new music to play, turn on the visualizations, modify your equalizer settings, and even queue songs for the Party Shuffle.

Once we connect from client to server, TuneConnect get our full playlists in seconds, along with all our data and ratings, and tags . Although compatible with Mac OS X 10.4, it is advisable to have the latest version of the Mac operating system.

Overall this is the nicest network remote for iTunes I’ve tried. Visually very elegant and similar to iTunes. Installation is painless and it just works.


Via MacApper

official Website : TuneConnect

Download: TuneConnect