Tunable - Music Practice Tools iOS App Available for Free

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Tunable app is available for both iOS and Android. It helps musicians learn to play steadily, in tune, and on

Tunable app for iOS devices is now available for free, the app price dropped from USD $4.49 to $0. Interested people can get this app from AppStore.

Link: https://apple.co/2Fkvvmt

About Tunable – Music Practice Tool

Tunable presents a modern display for easily indicating when musicians are playing in tune.

As notes are sustained, a central indicator expands, highlighting a steady and in-tunepitch.

This unique “pitch history” display illustrates how effectively notes are sustained.

The creator of the app, Seth Sandler, says, “The aim of Tunable is to help musicians visualize
how they’re playing, so they can learn how to improve.

Tunable’s unique pitch history display is a step towards that. Tuning isn’t just about being in tune for a moment,
but being able to sustain pitch over time.”

More than just a tuner, Tunable also includes a tone generator and metronome.

The tone generator allows for playing or sustaining individual notes or chords. It is effective for instrumentalists learning to match pitch and intonation.

The metronome features a large numeric display, flashing on each downbeat as a visual pulse.


• Highly accurate (1/100 of a cent) and responsive
• Especially suited for wind instruments, strings, and voice with note detection from Tuba to Piccolo (24hz to 15khz+)
• Large, colorful tuning indicator clearly shows when in tune (green fills the screen)
• Clear, visual tuner with note, octave, cents (+\-), and frequency (Hz) display
• Tuning history to see how well you’re sustaining notes over time
• Adjustable A=440 reference tone
• The change between equal, just, Pythagorean, and 18 other tuning temperaments
• Adjustments for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced playing abilities
• Vibrato settings for practicing with vibrato.

Tone and Chord Generator
• Chromatic Tone and Chord Generator with multiple tone options and sustain
• Auto Octave rounding for easy note access

• Large number display and visual flash to see the downbeat, subdivision, and pulse
• Adjust tempo, beats per measure, and subdivision
• See tempo markings to quickly jump between standard tempos
• Tempo Tap (tap metronome center to set a tempo)

• Transpose notes to any instrument
• AppleTV/AirPlay mirroring to an HDMI projector or TV on iPad2, iPhone4S, iPhone5
• Background Audio enables the metronome to continue playing when the screen is locked or closed.
• Works with clip-on microphones.