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TS DataWiper for Windows Free License-Effective data erasure software

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TS DataWiper is a data eraser software that is powerful, safe, and easy to use. It lets you permanently erase data from any disk drive or storage device. It will not harm your hard drive, solid-state drive, or external storage device in any way.

Don’t let sensitive information get into the wrong hands. This DataWiper offers data erasure standards that are used by the military and the government. This makes sure that your data is securely and permanently erased so that it can’t be recovered.

Most of the time, simply pressing the delete key and emptying your recycle bin isn’t enough to permanently remove sensitive data from your PC. It’s possible for anyone with simple computer skills to recover and access the files you thought you’d permanently deleted.

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Using TogetherShare DataWiper, you can safely sell or dispose of your hard drive by erasing all of the data on it. Erase documents, photos, directories, or whole drives without leaving any traces.

TS DataWiper Features:

1.Destroys Sensitive Data
Prior to donating, selling, or discarding an old computer or other digital equipment, make sure all data on it has been completely erased.

2.Prevents Data Recovery
Data erasure standards make sure that all of the data is deleted, so there is no way to get back data or files that have been deleted.

3.Fixes Logical Errors
Fix errors on your hard drive or storage device by rebuilding the file system or formatting/wiping.

4.Flexible Data Erasure Modes—4 Tools
Erase Files, Erase Hard Drive, Erase Free Space, and Manage Disk.

5.Certified data eraser

The HMG Infosec Standard 5, Baseline, DOD 5220.22-M, U.S. Army AR380-19, and Peter Gutmann’s algorithm are all certified data erasure standards.

6.Full Erasure Report
With the full data erasure report, you can look at the details of your operations to delete data.

Get TS DataWiper for Windows for Free:

Download TogetherShare DataWiper software from: https://www.togethershare.com/

Install the software and launch the app, on the main interface click “Activation”.

Enter the below license code.


Hit the “Activate” button to unlock the fullversion.

TS DataWiper License