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Get 1year license of the TrustPort USB Antivirus for free

TrustPort USB Antivirus is Windows based security software that specializes in protecting portable memory media such as USB drives, Since flash drives have become one of the useful media for us, its security has been widely neglected issue.

TrustPort USB Antivirus 2013 will be installed on your USB or flash drive , when you plug the device to the computer, the Antivirus will run from the USB device and scans both the device and the host computer,it will continuously monitor files that are being saved or copied to the drive, this prevents copying of harmful code onto your USB drive.

The software enables sensitive data to be stored in the encrypted archive of a USB flash disk or memory card in case of loss or theft.If you think your system is infected, you can launch a scan of the computer on which you are working with your portable memory media. In the software finds an infected file, the file will be renamed, moved to quarantine or deleted depending on the settings.

TrustPort Antivirus USB also includes real-time web analysis and email filters for viruses and spam, this antivirus program is able to recognize a virus not only from the database but also on the basis of its structure and behaviour.Not only this, it also features wiping tools that help you get rid of sensitive information and make sure no one will be able to recover it. You can choose from eight levels of security in shredding.

The user interface of TrustPort USB antivirus 2013 allows you to quickly perform following options:

By using the buttons you can start on-demand scanning, open quarantine containing infected files, show logs, start shredding of sensitive data, open CAR Manager for operation with encrypted archives and launch update of virus definitions.

Trustport USB Antivirus 2013
Below the buttons, there are following dropdown menus:

Antivirus – enables to run on-demand scanning, show result from the last performed scan, display quarantine contents, show antivirus logs, and to configure some basic on-demand scanner and updates options.

Tools – can be used to start shredding of selected data and to run CAR Manager, for managing encrypted archives.

General Settings – allows user to launch registration wizard and to change language of USB Antivirus

The functionality of USB Antivirus is analogous to the functionality of TrustPort Antivirus (Internet Security, Total Protection). The difference is in the number of modules, some of them are not accessible in USB Antivirus, such as Applicaton Inspector, scheduler, etc.

TrustPort USB Antivirus 2013 Free 1yr License:

Trustport has announced a give-away to it’s Facebook fans,all they have to do is share this giveaway with 5 of their Facebook friends and send a request email to [email protected], instantly they will receive a one year license for TrustPort USB Antivirus for free.More instructions in below picture.

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