TrustPort Total Protection 2013 Free for 90 Days

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TrustPort Total Protection 2013 protects your computer against Malware, online threats and misuse of confidential data. The program protects the computer from viruses and Spyware at all entry points. All email and websites are examined to detect dangerous or unwanted content. It enables the reliable protection of sensitive data by encryption or the permanent shredding of confidential files no longer in use.

TrustPort Total Protection
TrustPort Total Protection 2013 uses two anti-virus scanners : BitDefender and AVG.With with two cores AVG and BitDefender, this software stops viruses and spyware at all points of access and prevents access to your computer from hackers.

Key features of “TrustPort Total Protection”:

1.Antivirus and Antispyware:
Uses traditional scanning and heuristic analysis to disable any malware which might enter the computer from the internet or add on media. Two top quality motors make sure the detection of harmful code almost to the magic figure of 100%.

2.Personal Firewall:
The firewall serves to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate connections between the computer and the Internet. The program automatically allows Internet communication for commonly used applications. In the case of unknown or suspicious programs the user is always asked whether connection should be permitted or disabled.

3.Family Protection:
The program protects children and young people from web content which might be harmful to them. It enables pre choice of website categories which should be blocked such as pornography or gambling sites . Various profiles can be created with a variety of settings.

4.Encryption and Shredding of Data:
Two methods of file encryption are available. For the secure backing up of data it is helpful to store it in an encrypted archive, for everyday security it can be kept on an encrypted disk. In addition the program enables the permanent shredding of sensitive data which is no longer in use.

5.Portable Antivirus:
With the help of this program you can generate a transferable version of the Antivirus on your USB disk which at the same time enables the antivirus scanning of any given computer on which you may be working.

6.System Back Up Disk:
In the case of serious virus damage the program enables the creation of a system back up disk with an antivirus module. After downloading the operating system from the back up disk it is possible to eliminate malware not possible to remove by other means.

TrustPort Total Protection 2013 Free for 90 Days:

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