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Grab Your Free Copy of Trüberbrook on GOG Now!

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Great news for gaming fans! The visually striking point-and-click adventure, Trüberbrook, can now be yours for free on GOG. Hurry, though, because this offer won’t last long!

What is Trüberbrook?

Trüberbrook is a one-of-a-kind adventure game that unfolds in a remote German village during the late 1960s. It boasts an engaging story and stunningly detailed visuals.

You play as Hans Tannhauser, an American student of quantum mechanics who wins a trip to this village, embarking on a mysterious journey filled with science and a mission to save the world.

Trüberbrook Game Play


Experience a point-and-click adventure game blending puzzle-solving with an engaging story. Enjoy meticulously crafted landscapes and characters, creating a distinctive and delightful visual aesthetic.

The puzzles offer a satisfying challenge without causing frustration, and the game encourages leisurely exploration of the town and interactions with its residents. Plus, the fantastic soundtrack enhances the overall atmosphere.

Why Should You Play the Game?

The game’s visuals were crafted with miniatures, giving the world a tangible and lifelike appearance. The lighting effects are stunning, making it feel almost touchable.

While there have been some criticisms regarding the story and gameplay, it offers a distinctive gaming experience that’s definitely worth a try.

How to Get the Game for Free on GOG:

Redeeming your free copy of Trüberbrook is simple.

All you need to do is go to the GOG main page, locate the banner with the game by briefly scrolling the page, and click on the button to add it to your account.

Trüberbrook is an amazing sci-fi adventure game you shouldn’t miss. With its captivating story, delightful visuals, and tricky puzzles, it guarantees hours of entertainment.

The free offer on GOG makes it even more tempting. Don’t hesitate–go to GOG and get your free copy of Trüberbrook today!