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TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus Free License [Windows]

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TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus is a useful and easy-to-use program that searches your whole computer or just certain drives for duplicate files and shows them to you so you can find them and get rid of them.

People always end up with duplicate files on their drives. These duplicates can be small, making them hard to find, or big, taking up valuable drive space and hurting your system. It’s easy to find these kinds of files, especially if you know their name or where they are. On the other hand, duplicates can sometimes be hard to find because they tend to hide among a large number of files.

Luckily, there are ways to automatically find duplicates, and they are usually third-party apps. Take Duplicate File Finder Plus, which is a simple tool that tracks everything for you and helps you get rid of things you don’t want.

When you first open the app, you’re greeted by a menu of options. From there, you can choose what kind of drives to scan, such as system, CD, or network drives. Obviously, if you don’t know where the duplicates are, the best thing to do is scan all the drives.

You can then choose what kinds of files the app should look for and what sizes it should look for. Think of it this way: you have a feeling that there are duplicate audio files ranging in size from 128 megabytes to 1 gigabyte. Proceed with the scan after selecting “Audio” and “Large” from the checkboxes. Use these filters to speed up the scanning process, allowing you to detect duplicates without having to search through the entire PC.

Once you have a list of results, you can decide what to do with them. It’s up to you whether you want to delete all of them at once or whether you want to use the context menu for each one and copy the path or move it to a new spot, for example.

TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus Features:

Get TriSun Duplicate File Finder Plus for Free:

Download the software from:

Install the software, launch it, and on the app’s main interface click “License” then in the drop-down menu click “Input License Key”.

Enter the below license code.


Click the “OK” button.

That’s it!

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