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Trend Micro Duplicate Finder Mac App Now Free

trend micro duplicate finder mac app

Trend Micro Duplicate Finder  (derived from Dr. Cleaner  ) is a  Mac application which finds & deletes unnecessary copies of files or folder that takes up the disk space.

Duplicate Finder is developed by Trend Micro, the same team that created Dr. Cleaner. The normal price of the is USD $ 9.99, now it’s available free on the Mac App Store.

This macOS app got a rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 254 users reviews, its size is 12.8 MB and it was last updated on March 27, 2018. Interested people get the app from this link.

Trend Micro Duplicate Finder will look for copies that are identical, no matter the names. These files are listed with detailed routes for you to track down its location and decide whether to keep them or not.

Files are displayed in a simple and ordered way so that you can easily distinguish useless copies from useful one. In case of information safety, Duplicate files will only be deleted after your approval.

The main feature of Duplicate Finder-“Auto Select” can automatically select files that look like duplicates based on the following criterion:

-Folders they are placed in
-Dates modified
-Similar file names
-Other qualifications

The Auto Select feature always keeps one file for each duplicate groups, so you can use it without hesitation.

Duplicate Finder is the most effective tool to get rid of the copies.

Trend Micro Duplicate Finder features an easy-to-use drag and drop user interface and includes the following functions to keep your disk clean and organized:

1. Thorough and selective scan — utilizes a fast and accurate scanning technique that scans your entire Mac. You can choose to scan your entire home folder or some specific folder(s).

2.Smart and accurate selection — duplicate files are selected not only by file names but also by their contents. Files are shown in detailed previews. You can also choose the “Auto Select” feature that recommends which copy to delete.

3. Easy and safe decision — duplicates can be sorted by file type and listed with their full path for you to track to the original location. You can decide if they should be sent to Trash or permanently deleted.


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