Transmute: Favorite move between browsers

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It’s pretty rare that a software created to share the favorite sites among several web browsers. The truth is that many of us use more than one browser to surf the internet and this will be very useful to synchronize bookmarks between different browsers.

Imagine the following scenario: we use Firefox and Internet Explorer, as a matter of preference, since some Web pages are displayed wrong in Firefox but good in IE, and vice versa; And what happens if we have favorite sites in each browser? Yes the Solution is Transmute

Transmute will be very useful in the above scenario: this program (which is free for personal and domestic use) allows us to convert the bookmarks among multiple Web browsers, which are most popular (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and IE Chromium).

Transmute has a visual interface intuitive and friendly; the process to convert from one technology to another of bookmarks is fairly quick and simple: it is sufficient to make a click and thus get the new favorite sites in to chosen Browser.

Transmute is a must have freeware utility for anyone who wants to quickly make a switch from one browser to another and want to take their bookmarks along.

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