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Trackoff is a privacy protection software, which protects your identity and personal data online.


Now everything that you do online is collected, this  collection of data is cheap and easy. The private browsing browser configurations doesn’t combat state of the art tracking techniques, you need layered approach to internet privacy.


Trackoff software protects your identity from tracking companies by masking your digital fingerprint and allows you to clear all of your web browsers’ cookies (including  advanced forms of cookies)  and history with one-click.

This privacy protection software uses state of the art algorithms to intrinsically alter your digital fingerprint in real-time. Digital fingerprint is a mix of  data about your web browser and computer that will be used to uniquely identify and track your web browsing.


Much like a human fingerprint, you leave a trail of “digital fingerprints” on the web that trackers use to collect personal information about the things you do online.


The beauty of TrackOFF is that it was designed not to disrupt or disturb your browsing experience, as many other privacy products do. It does not block scripts from running, as that could affect the way pages are loaded or displayed, and even break certain page elements.


What TrackOFF does is give the tracking scripts useless, by constantly altering and masking your digital fingerprint, so you seem different from one website to another.

TrackOFF Basic Offers Four Key Features:

  1. Automatic Browser Detection secures each web browser with one-click.
  2. Real-Time Tracking Detection shows who’s trying to follow your movements.
  3. Anti-Fingerprinting Technology erases the profile you leave behind online.
  4. Identity Theft Prevention stops hackers and trackers from grabbing your sensitive information.


TrackOFF  Basic  Free 6 months License :

To get 6 month license , visit the promo page , then enter your email address and promo code as AUSLOGICS6 , finally click the  ‘activate my promo code’ button to receive the  activation code of trackoff basic.


Download the installer from here (49.9 MB)