Paragon Total Defrag 2010 for Free

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Paragaon Total Defrag 2010 is a professional software designed to perform total file system defragmentation and optimization. Normally Paragon Total Defrag 2010 costs around $29.95, but here is a special promotion set by Computer active which provides Fullversion license of Paragon Total Defrag 2010 for free to every one.

About Paragon Total Defrag 2010 :

Paragon Total Defrag 2010, a Powerful & unique disk defragmentation software , supports both regular and raid Hard drive setups and even support OSX file systems.

This a comprehensive and professional is software designed to perform low level defragmentation, thus providing almost zero fragmentation level. It will Speed up and optimize all critical system files and metadata including MFT (Master File Table), directories, paging files, registry hives and others.

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How do I get the software for Free ?

  1. First visit this promo page, fill the required fields and get the License code.
  2. Now Login to your Computeractive account and visit this page to download Paragon Total Defrag 2010 [32-bit]  software, for 64 bit version download over here.
  3. Note: You need to register an account with Computer active

    Thanks to Jlelono

  1. Ramakanth,
    Please note that the license is for ‘Special Edition’ only.
    Please advise the limitations of the ‘SE’ version, if any.
    Also, expiry of this offer not mentioned here.


    The package holds the bootable CD (nice to COMPLETELY defrag your system “from outside”!!) in two IDENTICAL versions:

    1. As a self-extracting (ready-to-burn) version
    2. the mere .iso image itself

    This heavily blows up the package: Without these two images the .msi installer would only have about 32 MB!!

    For installing it in GRUB (or GRUB4DOS) on USB devices you only need these two files (extracted out of the iso image):

    and add the following lines to the GRUB menu:

    title Paragon Total Defrag 2010
    kernel /boot/TD2010/vmlinuzp splash=silent vga=0x314 medialable=PARAGON
    initrd /boot/TD2010/initrd.gz

  3. Paragon has mass giveaways last time on different websites incl.GAOTD and etc.,also many free defragmenter’s from different vendors do the same job and small sized