What is a Torrent?

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Torrents’ this is one of the popular word in this Webworld, if you are new to this term and searching for a good information about this term, then this article will help you. Although Torrents became a synonym for Piracy, but there are plenty of legitimate uses of torrent.

What is a Torrent?

Torrent or BitTorrent uses  P2P (peer-to-peer or people-to-people) file distribution system that allows to download & align several small bits of files from many web sources in to one single. This is extremely useful for transferring or downloading large files.

    What is a Torrent File?

    It is a small file may be few KB’s, which contains all information’s such as Trackers, seeders & peers that allows to download large content files. The Torrent file name ends with ‘.torrent’ suffix.

    How to download torrent files ?

    You need a torrent client(software) to download the torrent files and there are several free torrents clients available all over the Wonderful. Also browsers like Opera allows you to download torrent files without the need of a torrent client.

    The most popular and my Preferred Torrent client is µTorrent , which works on Windows, mac and Linux operating systems.

Uses of Torrents :

  • Flexibility & saves time:
  • You can download a file at any time, for instance you are downloading Ubuntu OS via torrent, the file reached almost 98% suddenly you lost your Network Connection. Now after some time once your net is working, the file will start from 98% onwards not from the starting point, this way it will save time.

  • Download files quickly and efficiently
  • Download large files:
  • For instance You can Download Ubuntu OS.

  • Download books, movies, television shows, games, and more..
  • These are just few uses, there are several uses and also I read Facebook and Twitter are using BitTorrent,which made their server deployment 75 times faster than before.


Where to Download Torrent files?

You can find several Torrent search engines all over the web, where you can find torrent files .You can read our article Top 12 Torrents Movie Sites.

    Torrent Terms :

  • Seeder:
  • A Person or PC who downloaded a file completely and uploading or sharing the file.

  • Peer :
  • Some one who is downloading a part or portion of torrent file and actively sharing (uploading) it.

  • UD ratio :
  • The ratio which shows the amount of data uploaded & downloaded. It is always advisable to maintain 1:1 ratio.

  • Leech :
  • similar to Peer, but doesn’t maintain Good UD ratio.

  • Tracker:
  • A server which keeps track of the swarm, that co-ordinates downloading of all users.

  • Swarm :
  • Provides summary of all seeds and peers.

Some useful Tips:

  1. Always download torrent files that has plenty of Seeders, because the higher seeders means you can download the file at your maximum net speed.
  2. Maintaining 1:1 UD ratio is advisable, but it’s up to you.
  3. Use popular & good torrent clients like uTorrent, because it’s lightweight with high performance.
  4. Use popular Torrent search engines to find good torrent files, also read the comments to know the condition of the torrent whether it’s fake or not.

Hope this Guide will be useful to beginners, also readers gives us feedback about this article.

  1. Another definition of torrent – a violently fast stream of water (or other liquid); “the houses were swept away in the torrent”

  2. Also, make sure to use peerblock which keeps track of
    companies that willmonitor your downloads (so they can sue you like the music industry). Peerblock will not allow an internet connection to connect through a suspicious server.
    use goole to find peerblock