Top 10 Sims 3 MODS
4 Months back i.e. when “The Sims 3” game was released, at that early stage of gaming I complied a list of  Mods for Sims 3 game. Now it has been 4 months, I think EA released 3 patches for the game,  I was playing the game at least one hour  for a  day and gone through several new mods.

So today i thought to recompile the list with new  Mods which are compatible with latest 1.4.6 patch. Before that if you don’t known how to apply the Mods in your game, then check this link and also download Delphy’s Framework Install Monkey For Dummies.


My Top 10 Sims 3 MODS :

1.The No DVD Mod :
I think this will be useful to every one, this mod disables the CD Authentication with the game loads.So you no longer need to load Virtual/Physical DVD in your PC.
Download Link: No DVD MOd For Sims 3 

Note : The Mod is compatible with latest Sim3 1.29 update.

Note: Replace the original TS3.EXE & TSLHOST.DLL files in the Bin Folder with the ones from the File Archive.
2. No Mosaic:
This Mod removes the censor blur when Sims are nude. The besting about this Mod it will not override any game files, so it will  work with any news patches or updates.

Download Link:
Note: The Mod is outdated, instead download Decensor which has same functions of  nomosaic and is compatible with latest Sims 3 1.29 update

Download : Decensor

    • Story progression Mods

      Until the release of sims 3 1.4.6 patch , I have been using “Indie Stone Story Progression Mod” with Awesome mod, which made the original sims3 game much better and awesome. But,now this Mod is not compatible with latest patch and for some good reasons they didn’t updated this mod.

      However there is mod which had taken Foot steps of Indie Stone Story Progression Mod .

      3. Twallan Story Progression Mod:
      The highlight of this mod is , it is a Non- core mod. So it will not conflict with any other mods. One of the interesting feature is  you can jump to other neighborhoods  by making or selecting  neighborhood sim as active.

      The purpose of the mod is to simulate a life-like balance among the inactive members of town, while providing the user the option to disable functionality they do not want.

      Download Link: Twallan Story Progression Mod

      Note: Compatible with latest patches  Such as 1.29


              This is another great story progression mod for Sims 3 game.For me it is a typical mod, once you are in this Mod you cannot enjoy other core modes like

      Inteen 3 e.t.c

               Compatible with latest Sims 3 1.29 update

      5.Inteen 3 Mod (Extended game core):This Mod enables all romance options (woohoo, pregnancy, marriage) across age ranges between Teen, YA, Adult and Elder in Sims 3. Also it will allow user-directed same sex pregnancy.

      Download Link: Baxim Inteen 3 Mod
      Update : It is Compatible with latest Sims 3  1.18/2.13/3.9/4.6/5.3/6.1 patches.

      6.Create-a-Sim: Adjustable Female Breast sliders
      I think by the title you can understand the nature of the Mod , this mod adds custom CAS sliders that allows us to change properties of the Sim that where previously unchangeable, and achieve a more realistic Sims game.

      Download link: Delphy’s BreastSliders.rar

      Note: It is compatible with latest Sims 3 1.19/2.14/3.10/4.7/5.5/6.2/7.0 patches.

      7.The SuperComputer Mod The MasterController :
      This mod is some what like “Inseminator for Sims3”.

      This mod adds a new menu “Master Controller” to every computer and allow the active Sim to control
      Demographics (population,job level..e.t.c),Sims relations (Pollinate ,Romance relations, edit active sim in CAS..e.t.c) and control the town ..e.t.c

      Update: This Mod is renamed as ” The MasterController” and is Compatible with latest Sims 3 1.29 update

      This mod adds a menu called “NRaas Master Controller” to the following items in town:

      1) Every Sim
      2) Every Computer
      3) Every Lot
      4) City Hall

      Also along with this get The Overwatch” Mod.
      Download Link: Master Controller

      8.Dexter the bear:You can easily kill other Sims or active Sims with the help of “super computer Mod and Story Progression Mods.

      But this mod allows you to kill other Sims some what realistically with animations , like killing a Sim by Stabbing with a knife or Bashing their head with a poker or a hammer.

      Note : This Mod is not-compatible with latest Sims 3 1.17/2.12/3.8/4.5/5.2/6.0 patches.
      Download Link:

      9. The Ultra-Speed Multiplier Mod:

      This Mod increases the speed of the game, so that you can speed up some Sim’s activities like sleeping ..e.t.c . It is available in 3 variations Lite Ultra-Speed Multiplier,Ultra-Speed Multiplier and Heavy Ultra-Speed Multiplier.
      Note : This Mod is not-compatible with latest Sims 3 1.17/2.12/3.8/4.5/5.2/6.0 patches.

      Download link : Ultra-Speed Multiplier Mod

      10.Chaos Mods:

      This object Mod brings Voodoo ( Voodoo Bottle in TS2) interactions ,like maximizing the motives of the sim, kill a sim and several Animations. In order to use this mod you need to download d3dx9_31.dll and place it in Game/bin.
      Also note that some animations of this mod are still in testing phase.
      Download link: Chaos Mod

Note : This Mod is not-compatible with latest Sims 3 1.29 patch.

Note: All download links are directed towards author or Modders websites. Also to download mods @ modthesims & sexysims you need to register an account.