Top 10 programs for Linux

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Today we are providing some top 10 programs which will maximize experience with the Linux Operating System. Because the program allows a high degree of customization, each experience is unique. But there are some tools and hints that perhaps unknown and might appeal to beginners, while advanced users might find it too easy.

1. FOSS Synergy lets you control multiple machines, even different operating systems, using a single keyboard and mouse.

2. For machines with dual-boot Windows and Linux, can access the files on the file system to Linux with any of the following programs: DiskInternals Linux Reader, Explore2fs, Ext2 Installable File System.

3. Bloggers too have some cool tools, if you do not like the web editors for web publishing,then you Enjoy using desktop clients like Gnome Blog, BloGTK, Bleezer, QTM and Drivel Journal Editor.

4. To explore several windows simultaneously, create one on the console thanks to the program MultiTail also known as tail on steroids.

5. The developers of Web pages may use IEs4Linux, a program that lets you check how IE browser will render your website Another service that offers the same task is browsershots.

6. Gizmo, to make free phone calls over the Internet.
7. Kompozer , a full HTML (WYSIWYG )editor,which almost create pages in a professional way.
8. OpenOffice , OpenOffice is an alternative to Ms-Office. It offers word processing, presentation creator and spreadsheet, among other tasks.
9. VLC , a media player.
10. Zattoo, to watch television without installing any other component.