Top 10 most downloaded Firefox extensions of year 2008

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With the year drawing to a close, and begin to exit the entrances of the style ‘most downloaded’, ‘most purchased’, ‘what’s best’, ‘most popular’, and so on. Today it is the turn of naming the 10 most downloaded Firefox plug-ins during 2008.
Here I start with the list:

1. AdBlock Plus (1,132,134 downloads per week)

The most downloaded extension for Firefox, which has garnered more success in 2008, has been AdBlock Plus. I suppose that as many as you will, can lock the advertising of Web sites that you visit.

2. Noscript (1,024,319 downloads per week)

Noscript limits the performance of JavaScript, Java and other plug-ins of the websites we choose. This preventive approach based on a white list prevents it from being able to exploit vulnerabilities (known or unknown) without loss of functionality.

3. FlashGot (987,263 downloads per week)

This plugin provides us the ability to download( all the links on a Web site all at once quickly and easily

4. Video DownloadHelper (956,594 downloads per week)
This plug-in allows you to save (download) videos from sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Veoh and other video services .

5. DownThemAll! (667,752 downloads per week)

Very comprehensive download manager that allows all links or download pictures from a web with a single click, and among many other benefits it includes an accelerator capable of improving the download speed of up to 400%(?)

6. AutoPager (417,130 downloads per week)

Automatically loads the next page of a site when we reached the bottom of the page.
7. Cooliris (359,254 downloads per week)

Cooliris transforms Firefox browser into a 3D display photo viewer ,which are stored on sites like Flickr, Picasa or google images.

8. Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer (331,126 downloads per week)

Foxmarks allows you to to synchronize bookmarks and passwords from one computer to another.

9. IE Tab (289,250 downloads per week)

IE Tab allows us to check how a given page will look in Internet Explorer without leaving fireox. Really helpful for developers and web designers.

10. Greasemonkey (284,814 downloads per week)

Greasemonkey is an extension that allows you to modify the behavior of the websites we choose adding small pieces of code that we have created ourselves
It is possible to improve the experience of reading a site, making it more usable, adding new features, correcting errors and / or improve search services