TooManyTabs,Saves Firefox Space and Memory

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Normally in Firefox browser when you have too many tabs, you can’t find the right tab as these tabs will consume too much memory.

But TooManyTabs is a Firefox add-on, that allows you to store up to 50 tabs by adding extra rows in the Firefox.This may not sounds interesting for you but the real thing about this extension is that it frees up your memory by making them appear as idle.


Instead of allowing idle tabs to waste your PC’s memory, you can now put your tabs on the extra rows, remove them from the memory, and restore them in your browser when you need them again. The extra rows also allow you to better prioritize and visualize your tabs. Finding the right tab have never been easier !

key features :

  • Multiple rows for storing tabs
  • Send Link to TMT directly
  • Restore up to 20 recently closed tabs
  • Organize tabs in different colors
  • Pin your most visited tabs in TMT and access them easily anytime
  • Clear Recently Closed Tabs History
  • View tab history
  • Backup TMT tabs to file and restore/transfer them later
  • Drag & drop tabs betweeb TMT and tab bar