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Todoist Premium is a task manager app/service that automatically syncs your tasks across 13 platforms, this includes Android, Chrome, Firefox, Gmail, iOS, Mac, Web, Outlook, and Windows platforms.


Busy lives need organization and you certainly get that with Todoist premium, consider one of the top task-management apps, this app is easy-to-use and effective at helping you manage your time and stay organized.

Sort your tasks between your today list and other dates, and then check them off as you complete the tasks. You can organize your tasks by various categories, including projects and Areas of Responsibility, as well as by tags to assign priorities and personal workflow.

The app syncs your tasks or notes across 13 different platforms so that you access these tasks anywhere or keep track of your notes. These can be sorted by name or due date and you can also set reminders.

You can add a task manually or directly from your email, also Todoist lets you collaborate and share your task with your family members, friends, and other people in your group.

You can even upload and attach files to your tasks, create subtasks, and set reminders, add notes to your tasks.

Key Features :

  1. Add note and file attachments to your to-dos.
  2. Mobile and email reminders: Get reminded about upcoming tasks via email or mobile text message.
  3. Location alerts: Receive task alerts on iOS or Android when you arrive or leave a certain location.
  4. Automatic backups: Never lose data. Each day Todoist takes automatic backups that are easy to restore.
  5. Track your productivity: See and filter your completed tasks. The perfect way to visually review and improve your productivity
  6. Add emails as tasks directly from your inbox to ensure you never forget to follow up on a message.

Overall, Todoist premium is simple to use and it’s packed with features including contact links, web addresses, and more. Being able to add notes, tags, and tasks as well as create alerts makes it a very powerful management tool.

Get Todoist Premium free for 3 Months

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