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To Ash - RPG Game Available for Free on Indiegala [PC]

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To Ash is a unique RPG developed by California-based therapist Kyle Ballentine. It’s a simple, old-school RPG but with a twist. This game (PC version) is right now available for free on Indiegala website.

In this Indie game Players take the role of Demitri, a hero who once saved the world from a great evil, and had the gods freeze him so that he could be revived should the evil ever return.

The twist in the “To Ash” is as the player begins the game with a lot of powers, but loses them as time goes by. The main character Demetri is a fading warrior but he will have a few partner characters throughout the game to help balance battles.

The game will take around six-to-10 hours to complete and the game theme revolves around death, ageing and acceptance, and it shows.

“I’m trying to drive home a message about accepting what you can’t control, primarily death,” Ballentine said.

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To Ash Game Description :

Do You Accept Death? Or Do You Fear It?

An old-school RPG made to question your acceptance of mortality.

A unique RPG where instead of becoming stronger, you get weaker as you go along.

Demitri is a hero who already completed his journey. He is already powerful, so combat is complex and strategic from the start! But no one can live forever, and everyone’s story must come to an end.

The theme revolves around death and acceptance. Written by a therapist, the story is made help you think about what you cannot control. Age, death, loss… these are all things we must accept in our lives.

For those just looking to experience the story, there are 2 distinct modes.

Key Features

  • No grinding levels, because the hero becomes weaker
  • Complex, strategic battles from the start and no long tutorials
  • Turn-based battles with the “Stance” mechanic, allowing you to strengthen the character in various ways and respond to enemy attacks.
  • Strong themes of acceptance and mortality with an impactful ending, even the towns are modelled after the 5 stages of grief
  • 2 versions, one for RPG veterans and one for those who just want to experience the story
  • Full RPG experience with combat (6-10 hours), or…
  • “Adventure Mode” (3-5 hours), which removes the element of combat and strategy, but leaves the story, puzzles, and exploration to enjoy!
  • 2 endings depending on your choices
  • Original art by Neon Skies Studio