TinyTrials :A collection of mini-games

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There are people who like to jump for hours with  games having  a long and complicated adventure plot, and also there are people who prefer play quick and  entertaining games, without complications.  If you’re in the latter group then I’m  sure you’ll love TinyTrials .

TinyTrials is a diverse collection of online mini-games (in the style of Wario Ware for Nintendo)almost 100 games, perfect for a fun time in front of the PC or have a rest while you’re working.

Tiny Trials is a fast-paced mini game bonanza in which lots of small, simple games are thrown at you one by one and the speed at which they are each completed will determine how good a score is achieved.

The mini games range from arcade games where you shoot monkeys in barrels to mind-benders where you have to guess the next number in a series. The scoring method varies by game.

At the end of each mini game you’re given a star rating and a score and clearly the better you do, the higher you’ll fly on the scoreboard.

See how high up the scoreboard you can get over at Tinymania, as you go beyond that you gain rank, although in the case of TinyTrials the important thing is to have  fun, and when you get tired, just close your browser .

Link : Tinymania