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Tiny11 — The Windows 11 OS that only needs 2GB of RAM to run

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Tiny11 is a light version of Windows 11 that only includes what you really need, without all the extra stuff that often comes with regular Windows 11.

It’s made to run on computers that aren’t super powerful and only needs 8GB of storage and 2GB of memory to work well.

All About Tiny11:

Some people love how Windows 11 looks and feels. However, some want to cut out the bloat because their hardware may not be capable of running the new OS smoothly.

It’s no surprise that Windows 11 has caused a stir with its demanding system requirements, especially for CPUs; it typically needs an 8th-gen Intel Core or AMD Zen+ processor and a TPM.

Unsupported systems can run Windows 11, but doing so requires jumping through extra hoops, which Tiny11 eliminates.

A Romanian YouTuber named NTDEV created Tiny11 and recently put it on the Internet Archive website. Amazingly, it can even run on just !

Tiny11 is the original 22H2 build of Windows 11, streamlined to its barest essentials. This 3 GB ISO does not require the Trusted Platform Module or Secure Boot. The operating system is even available as an upgrade for users of Windows 10.

The essential features of Windows, such as the accessibility tools, Windows Terminal, Microsoft Store, calculator, notepad, and paint, are included in this custom Windows edition.

Since there is no Microsoft Edge, you are free to use any browser you like without the OS trying to force you to stick with its preferred option.

The De-Bloated OS supports offline accounts by default and allows you to sign in with a Microsoft account if you prefer.

This custom Windows 11 is great for people who have older computers and want a newer, less demanding operating system. It uses fewer resources and doesn’t need the latest hardware. But keep in mind, downloading and using a custom operating system always has some risks, so be careful. Also, you still need a valid key to activate.

Download the OS from the Internet Archive:


  1. A trimmed-down version of Windows 11 Pro 22H2.
  2. 3 GB ISO and 8 GB of storage space are required for installation.
  3. Secure Boot is usable without TPM.
  4. Compatible with machines holding as little as 2 GB of RAM.
  5. You can download drivers and security updates through Windows Update.
  6. Without the Windows Component Store, no new features or languages can be added.
  7. This is an unofficial project.

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