Tiny11 for ARM64

Tiny11 Brings Windows 11 to ARM64 Devices: Download Now

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Tiny11 is a debloated and customized version of Windows 11 OS made specifically for devices with less powerful hardware.

Last week we wrote about this Win11 OS. Now, in response to public demand, the developer has made Tiny11 available for ARM64 devices

Tiny11’s developer, “NTDEV,” said in a tweet that it is now available for ARM64 devices.

Tiny11 for ARM64:

Interested in running Windows 11 on your Raspberry Pi 4, ARM-based Windows machine, or Apple silicon-based Mac? Tiny11 for ARM64 is the one-and-only software that can meet your requirements.

This version of tiny11 is perfect for mobile devices like the Raspberry Pi 4, other WoA devices, or Apple M1/M2 VMs!

For ARM64, what is Tiny11?

Tiny11 is a stripped-down version of Windows 11 that still provides all the features you need for a pleasant computing experience. The operating system is based on Windows 11 Pro 22H2.

Considering regular Windows 11 installations can be resource intensive, Tiny11 for ARM64 is a viable alternative for low-powered devices.

Feature of Tiny11 for ARM64:

  • A slimmed-down version of Windows 11 that works well on devices with less power.
  • We can install windows 11 on a variety of ARM64 devices, including the Raspberry Pi 4, other WoA devices or Apple M1/M2 VMs.
  • Excellent for trying out Windows and Android on the Surface Duo, now that they have compatible drivers.
  • Contains everything necessary for a pleasant computing experience, without extraneous features.
  • The mod has a negligible impact on your computer’s performance, as it requires fewer resources and takes up much less storage space.

Windows 11 ARM64 ISO

How do I install Tiny11 for ARM64?

Step 1: Download the Tiny11 for ARM64 ISO from .

Step 2: Use a program like Rufus or Etcher to flash the image to a microSD card or a USB drive.

Step 3: Power on your device after inserting the microSD card.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on-screen to complete the installation.

Note: Tiny11, like the full version of Windows 11, must be activated with a valid license key. Any product key created for the Professional edition of Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, or 7 will work to activate the OS. Also, read the recently released Tiny11