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ThunderSoft GIF Maker 4.7: Free Full Version Download for Windows

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ThunderSoft GIF Maker is an intuitive application that generates GIF files from JPG, BMP, and PNG files. We can create animated GIFs with just a few clicks when we choose the source images.

Convert your image files to gif animations with a single click. It will preserve the original image quality as much as possible, and users should be able to alter the duration and transparency of each individual frame.

Accepts multiple input formats:

You must first compile a list of all the images (in PNG, BMP, JPEG, or JPG format) that you intend to use with the program. Since ThunderSoft GIF Maker does not enable drag & drop, you will need to browse to the location of your photographs manually using the dedicated button.

When you’ve finished making the list, you can rearrange the elements by dragging them up or down to get different frame locations.

ThunderSoft GIF Maker UI

Size the GIF to your liking:

Before you can save your output file, you’ll need to give it a name, pick a location, and decide how many times you want to play it back (unlimited, 0, 1, 2, or 3).

You can use this GIF Maker with the source photos in their original dimensions, or you can scale them down to a quarter, half, double, triple, or a custom size. Switch the aspect ratio on or off as needed to fine-tune the proportions of your delightful images.

Adjust the time frame:

You have the option to make frames transparent (without animation) and adjust their durations individually. Update all GIF frames simultaneously or customize the size and length of each frame individually, applying those settings universally.

Key Features:

  • File types JPEG, BMP, and PNG are all supported.
  • Allow various image file sizes to be imported.
  • Let us set the duration of each individual frame.
  • Support BMP and png’s transparent settings.
  • Permit users to set their own replay times.


Overall, ThunderSoft GIF Maker is a helpful tool for making GIFs and customizing their settings in a short amount of time. It’s important to remember that before making the GIF, you can’t do anything to the source images, not even crop or rotate them.

Get ThunderSoft GIF Maker for Free:

Download the giveaway version either from this link or from this link [3.35 MB].

Execute the installer, follow through with the installation process, and open the application. An activation window resembling the screenshot below will be visible.

Input your email address and the below-provided license code, then click the “Register” button.

That’s it.

ThunderSoft GIF Maker License