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“The Sims 3” is a great game, I’ve been a fan of The Sims since the very beginning when it was released in 2000, it became a smash hit that went on to occupy top spots on computer-game best-seller lists for years to come, along with a good number of expansion packs and its in-depth sequel, The Sims 2.

A few days ago The Sims 3 was released officially , there was so much waiting for this third chapter, and now I understand why?

I’ve bought the The Sims 3 Collector’s Edition through Amazon ,since eastore website in my country is still showing Sims2 stuff and there is no sign of Sims 3.

I have been playing it constantly at least 4 hours a day and I can tell you that it is great, nothing to do with The Sims 2 .Unlike the transition between the original and sequel, Sims 3 is not offering upgraded graphics. Instead of utilizing the latest DirectX 10 graphics, EA decided to take the game in a whole new direction and allow players to move their Sim from lot to lot, all with virtually no load time.

I’m not a benchmark expert,but what I know is that an un-hindered copy of Sims 2 (no mods, no expansions) and an un-hindered copy of Sims 3 have about the same initial load speed. The load speeds between lots is fairly fast.

Coming to Mods the modding community, has found ways to hack into the game and change the gameplay. Thank you modders!

I will provide you a list or links of 10 Best Mods that I’m using which are working perfectly,before that you have to follow below 3 steps to apply any Mod.


If you are using Sims 3 Ambitions EP or latest patches 1.12/2.7/3.3, then check this post to install or activate mods in your game.

Step 1
Download “Resource.cfg” (1 KB)file from below link


Step 2
Now Place the “Resource.cfg” file

For Windows Users:::
Default location is — C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3
If you use 64Bit OS — C:Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsThe Sims 3

Note: If you installed the game in other drive,then change the “C:” path according to the drive you install the game.

For Mac Users:::
1. Go to your Sims 3 application “The Sims“
2. Right-Click (or Control-click) on it and select “Show Package Contents“
3. Navigate through Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3
4. Paste the “Resource.cfg” file into this folder.

Step 3
Create the Mods folder:
1.Go to “The Sims 3″ root folder, create a new folder called “Mods“
2. Now in Mods folder create another folder called “Packages“

If you have done everything correctly then it should look like below example
eg: E:Program FilesElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Modspackages


My sims 3 mods
Click on Images to Enlarge

Here after in this “Packages” folder you have to place Mods/Custom Contents which will have “.package” extension.

If you’re lazy, as I often am, then the choice is simple just download TS3 Install Helper Monkey from


Top 10 Mods

1.No Jealousy Mod:

      Removes all forms of jealousy.

This Mod takes care of any jealousy that may occur when a Sim sees the object of their affections flirt, kiss, or make any other move towards another Sim. This is great to have around, when a Romance Sim is in the house
Download link: Jealousy.package

Update: For Latest patches Sims 3 1.17/2.12/3.8/4.5/5.2/6.0,  use AD85 Tunable Core Mod which provides Sim2-style jealousy & No jealousy options.
Link: AD85 Tunable Core Mod

2.Hidden Traits Unlocked:
This Mod simply unlocks the hidden traits for you.

Unlocked traits are:

Pyromaniac – Ignite random things around you
Immune to Fire – Sim becomes fireproof
Makes No Messes – Sim will not make any mess

Burglar – Sneak anywhere
Can apprehend Burglar – Should be able to apprehend burglars
Can Salute – “Salute” appears under Friendly pie menu
Pizza Appreciator – More positive mood points for eating pizza
Rocker – Natural feeling of rock-stardom


Update: It is compatible with  Sims 3 1.18/2.13/3.9/4.6/5.4/6.1 patches.

3.Buy life & Flame fruit:
You can now purchase the Life fruit and Flame fruit at the grocery store.
Download link:

Credits: Thanks to unknown Modder.

4.No Mosaic
Mosaic (pix elation effect when nude) remover for The Sims 3.This is different from ea censor patch.

This removes the censor blur when Sims are nudy.The EA censor patch overwrites existing EA game file, this version does not. It means that if EA updates that game file this should still work.

Download link: No Mosaic

Note: It is compatible with Sims 3 1.17/2.12/3.8/4.5/5.2/6.0 patches.

5.(a) Teen Woohoo & Pregnancy
Teens will be able to woohoo and get pregnant after you install this hack.(

link to original Overview: I give you Teen Woohoo 🙂


5.(b)Inteen3 Mod:

INTEEN 3 MOD enables romance options (woohoo/pregnancy/marriage) between all ages, except kids.


In order to get this you must register an account  at sexysims 2 and  have to select a option(Edit profile) to view adult content

Update: Now Inteen 3 Mod no longer supports latest patches 1.14/WA 2.9/HEL 3.5/AMB 4.2, but we have another mod by BaXiM which does the same Job.

5.Extended game core by Baxim:

It does same job as Inteen 3 or Teen Woohoo , but provides more options & controls than above two mods. Also this works with  patches 1.18/2.13/3.9/4.6/5.3/6.1.

Link: Extended game core

6.Instant Skills and Fast Increment Skill Gain!
This mod simple allows your Sim to learn any skill instantly .

link to original Overview:

Note: This Mod is no longer supported by the Modder, but you can use this new mod Gain Skills faster *Late Night*.

7.aikea guinea’s TS3 Camera Mod.
Gets rid of the ‘drift’ in freecam mode & allows the camera to go down to ground level.

Download link:


8.Buy Any Fish

This mod let you buy any fish from the supermarket.

Download link:


Credits: CyberOps

9.Fish Stock Pond

Normally you need to catch 10 fish of any type before you be able to stock that fish in your pond. With this mod, even you only catch that type of fish once, you will be able to stock it.

Download link:


Credits: CyberOps

10.No Repoman :
This will delay the Repoman from coming to your house for 365 sim days. You will still get notice that he is coming when you don’t pay the bills on time. But he won’t show up. And, when you save your game, you will get a notice that he’s coming, but you can just ignore it and save.

Download links:

Credits: Carrigon

If you find any difficulties Simple delete the Mods Contents in the “Packages” folder

There are other mods like Nude Male Replacements,Breast Enhancement Mesh ,Ghost play..e.t.c.

I will share Top 5 sites where you can find others Mods for sims 3
Also check out new Top 10 Sims 3 MODS.Top 5 sites to download Mods



For Custom Contents(clothing, accessories,..e.t.c):
For Skintones and Hair textures:


  1. Can sims 2 mods work with sims 3?  Just  the sim?  like say i want to install zelda and link but theyre v2, can i install them on sims 3 and have it work?

  2. Is there a tool to convert my fav. sims 2 toons to something usable in sims 3? do they need to all be remade?
    thx for your reply

    1. As i said before sims 3 files are different from sims there is no tool for converting and yes all mods to be remade. some modders are trying to bring simlar sims2 mods to sims 3.

      I suggest you to frequently check out site.

  3. I went through all the steps of creating the mod and packages folders. When I then attempted to save the “no jealousy” file to the packages folder, I got a message saying “You don’t have permission to save to this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission.” Well, it’s my PC, and I am the only admin on it. What do I need to do now?

  4. Thanks for the links~!! xD
    Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but the megaupload link for the ‘No Mosaic” and “No Repoman” are one and the same. 

  5. the resource.cfg isn’t downloading, I’m just left sitting at this page telling me “your traffic will be reset in 60 minutes” or something. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean… I’ve been there for well over 60 minutes now and nothing… is there anywhere else I can get the file? (ps: would me being on a mac have any complications with this?)

    1. I just updated with alternate mediafire link,my suggestion is to use TS3 Install Helper Monkey which will create resource.cfg and mods folder.then you don’t need these manual steps

  6. Are there any side effects that come with this? Like will it slow my game down and make certain actions unavailable?

  7. Your information is slightly wrong. The inteen mods and the teen woohoo mods work not just from lying on the bed position but over all. you should update your info. I have both mods and they work great in my game without any issues.

    1. @JUMBO: ya,i agree with you,this post was published when both mods were in development,especially teen woohoo mod.I will update the post and thanks for sharing your experience with mods

  8. Nicole said:

    Are there any side effects that come with this? Like will it slow my game down and make certain actions unavailable?

    Yes, there are side effects, like your Mac not being to run the Sims3 program any longer. You may have to reinstall the game from your CD. I have found that removing the resource.cfg file from the root directory allows the program to run again, but none of the mods are recognized, so you are back to square one. If someone figures out how to fix this for Mac users, I hope that person will post instructions.

  9. The mods aren’t working for me. I done something wrong,will someone please explain,I’m not good with all this LOL. Please and Thank You 🙂

  10. I followed the steps exactly and my mods don’t show up when I start the sims. I have a mac, my mods have the .package extension, the whole shabang. What could I possible be doing wrong?

  11. @Pedro:

    if you had created mods folder,packages folder and downloaded resource.cfg.

    Then download TS3 Install Helper Monkey @

    this will install mods with one click

  12. Hi!
    I tried already that I even don’t know how to put into the package file.
    After I putting the mods into package file, It has been installed to the sims 3?

  13. Your explainations are simple and great! Many Thxs.Ar… I have a slight is banned by my ISP.I tried to go around by using ultrasurf but they don’t allow me to download inteen files.So if anyone can help, please upload to a filesharing site like mediafire or directly send me to my email [ ].I am using base game TS3 ver1.0.something.I would like to get uber Ineteen mod if you can send.Thanks in advance.

  14. help! when i’m downloading the resource file, as well as all the mods, the pc saves them as “.rar”, and they’re not working. i added “.package” to the mods and “.cfg” to the resource.. did i do anything wrong? please help 🙂

  15. how to make male parts coz after no mozaic working in the game it looks funny the men’s thing nothing there, please answer, thanx

  16. For some reason, I cant get the teen pregnancy mod to work. It’s the Inteen 3 you gave a link to but when I installed it my game wont load. There were SO MANY files in that one though I didn’t know which to download for sure. I have the game version 3.2 HEL.

    Thank you to an answerer. =)

  17. Hello,
    I downloaded the “.Buy life & Flame fruit” mod, but all its done is: erased all the food in the store, except the fish and batroom stuff…and b-day cake.
    Really need help installing this one, thought it would have worked like the others, but it hasn’t.
    Can anyone help?

    I’ve got: Sims 3 Version

  18. So does the pregnancy not work with Ambitions? Because I’m trying it and the game just doesn’t load.

  19. So, I got this. But once I download it, do I just get through to it and find it in the game?! I mean, I’ve gone thru the required process and all but i can’t find it in the game. HELP!!

  20. I’ve got a problem, I installed the install monkey helper, I disabled my UAC (or at least selected “never notify me”, I’m using windows 7) my install monkey helper does copy the .package files to the folder specified (/the sims 3/Mods/Packages), but somehow, when I launch the game, nothing seems to show up on download.

    What’s wrong? :S

  21. Hi! Thanks for the info, helped me big time!
    But the links are not working anymore.. could you upload them?
    Thank youuuu 🙂

  22. I don’t get it :S

    You said to put resource.cfg in C: programfiles…

    I don’t get why you put the recourse file in c and mods folder in E: program files… Don’t you put them both in C >.<?

    I'm on a Laptop and I don't have an E: File :S

    I've been using cc Transferred over the exchange and it's all gone to DOCUMENTSeats3dcbackup as PACKAGE files

    So yeh, I think my question is isnt the sims 3 root folder in C drive and you make the mods folder there?

    Thanks if you reply, I'm bad at this stuff but would love if you can help 🙂

  23. I have sims3 with ambition i applied the mods but only few appear in game.
    Mods are compatible with my version of game.

  24. please help i bought and installed (succesfuly) the sims 3 late night. i tried to play the game and got a message that said unable to start game service initalization failed (0x065d0274) how do i fix this problem!? many have said to uninstall but said that did not work and others said patches are not safe. if you know a way to solve this problem please halp.
    (i have cc but no patches.)

  25. Hey I downloaded it all but it doesn’t work,Please help me!!!!My sims 3 version is v 1,is that why the mods doesn’t work?? Please Help me!!!!:(

  26. Hey I don’t really get it, where do I put the resource.cfg?In the sims 3 folder or in the mods folder?

  27. it does not work 🙁 im gutted i spent 3 hours doing all this for NOTHING

    please tell me how to do it and a link that does work all i want is teen woohoo and pregnancy

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