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The Prax: Micro Budget Tracker - iOS App Now Free for A Short time

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The Prax: Micro-Budget Tracker is a Personal Finance App for iOS devices that normally sells for $0.99, now it’s free for a short time.

The Prax is a very simple, easy to use daily budgeting app that breaks down your budgets and shows you how much you can safely spend every moment of the day.

This simple, sleek and fun app makes micro budgeting very easy. If you are going out Look at the Prax to see your safe to spend amount for the day.

What is Micro-Budget?

A Micro budget is when you categorize your spendings into small budget categories and set limits to them.

For example: “I would like to spend $125 on coffee each month”.

This iOS app takes that budget and breaks it down for you to help you stay within that limit.

Now get this $0.99 worth app for your iPhone from the App store:

Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

Create a budget in just several seconds by naming it and setting the amount you plan on spending in that budget, set it to either monthly, weekly or custom and The
Prax will show you how much money you can spend every moment of the day.

Add and edit any expense and take a picture or add notes to that transaction.

Having a hard time remembering where that transaction took place?

You can tag it on the map and view it in your transactions at any time. The app also has an expense tracker built-in if you just want to track expense totals. As a bonus, it features emojis as a label for your budgets

the prax - Track your daily expenses

Who’s it for?

The Prax is a perfect manual entry budgeting app for anyone that likes simplicity and ease of use with a very good design.


Features :


•Create as many budgets as you want, Monthly, Weekly or Custom. We don’t limit you! See how much you have left Daily, Weekly, and Overall.



•You can invite your friends or family members to collaborate in real-time on your budgets by sending them a link. Everyone that participates in your budget or tracker can see changes and progress as they’re made.



•Take a picture of receipts, lists, or any item you need and store them with your spendings. Feel free to add notes or emojis as your