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Google 2008
Google Inc,the company have a habit of posting every year, the most popular terms that are entered into its search bar.Google have cut through the enormous list of data and have complied a list of the fastest rising terms for 2008.

The 2008 year-end India Zeitgeist offers a unique perspective on the year’s major events and hottest trends based on searches conducted by users in India.

Now that the year ends is an important occasion to take stock, on the web.. These are the most searched terms on Google during 2008 in our country and reflect, to some extent, the concerns and interests of a society increasingly connected to the network. Social networking, gaming, Gmail and YouTube are still leading the list of the most searched on Google.

The faster-est rising searched terms on Google India where for internet technologies with the iPhone topping the list followed by social networking giant Facebook.

It is Interesting to see  that most  searched celebrity Katrina Kaif is more Popular in Pakistan than in India.

Most Popular In India:

1. orkut
2. gmail
3. yahoo
4. google
5. youtube
6. yahoomail
7. indian railways
8. rediff
9. cricket
10. katrina kaif

Fastest Rising

1. Youtube
2. Orkut
3. Katrina kaif

4. Cricket
5. irctc
6. Facebook
7. Genelia d’souza
8. Beijing 2008 olympic games
9. Sixth pay commission
10. Ipl

Top Bollywood Celebrities

1. Katrina kaif
2. Aishwarya rai
3. Salman khan
4. Hrithik roshan
5. Kareena kapoor
6. Shahid kapur
7. Deepika padukone
8. Shahrukh khan
9. Mallika sherawat
10. Genelia d’souza

Top searches on Mobile

1. Orkut
2. Yahoo
3. Waptrick
4. Gmail
5. Games
6. Katrina kaif
7. Rediffmail
8. Yahoomail
9. Namitha
10. Google

Top ‘how to’ searches

1. how to reduce weight
2. how to kiss
3. how to earn money
4. how to get pregnant
5. how to learn english
6. how to gain weight
7. how to play guitar
8. how to create a website
9. how to impress a girl
10. how to tie a tie

Top holiday destinations

1. Goa
2. Kerala
3. Kashmir
4. Dubai
5. Singapore
6. Australia
7. London
8. Shimla
9. Switzerland
10. manali

You can find more about most searched Google((Global) ) by going over to the Google Zeitgeist.


  1. From Boom to TMK, Katrina Kaif rocks 😀 The Google 2010 list is out as well and she still remains at the top for 2 years in a row. Top searched celebrity 😀 Hotter than any other actress

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