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The Leadership Habit eBook Available for Free ($17.00 Value)

The Leadership Habit eBook

The Leadership Habit book lays out a framework for developing behavioral patterns that will revolutionize the way you lead.

By articulating a precise, well-defined definition of what it means to be a leader, this book distills volumes of advice and opinion into ten critical areas and demonstrates how leaders may develop daily routines around these centers of excellence.

Wiley, the publisher of the book, typically charges $17 for this e-book version. For a limited period of time, it is being offered at no cost.

To obtain the ebook for free, .

Once you’ve filled out the form and connected your Linkedin account or entered your email address in the appropriate fields, click “Download.”

This 208-page e-book has a file size of around 3.7 MB. This free offer expires on December 1, 2021.

About The Leadership Habit ebook:

The Leadership  Habit book serves as both a reference for leaders and a call to action. It says that leaders who cultivate daily habits in ten critical areas will have a greater chance of developing productive teams and fostering long-term professional and personal growth.

Organizations thrive when leaders (1) drive for results; (2) assemble the right teams; (3) persuade others, (4) comprehend the business, (5) carry out the vision, (6) encourage excellence, and (7) cultivate positive attitudes and relationships; (8) develop a customer-focused culture; (9) foster innovation; and (10) serve as a role model for personal growth.

Leaders that are willing to make changes will produce more productive teams and long-term growth for their organization.

This ebook will help you become a great leader by providing you with tried-and-true guidance and a clear framework on how to do it. You’ll learn how to drive for results, assemble the best team, execute on a vision, nurture innovation, and more through expert conversation and detailed analysis of these crucial areas.

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