the flame in the flood free for a limited time

The Flame in the Flood -Survival Game Free for PC and Mac

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Another limited time (48 hours) freebie for gamers from Humble Bundle Store, this time it’s a light roguelike survival game “The Flame in the Flood” which normally sells for USD $14.99.

Similar to previous freebies, simply visit the Game store page: and sign into a Humble account, then click “Add to Cart” and checkout by hitting “Get it for free!”.

To view the free steam key, check your Inbox for Humble Store email and click “Download Now”, then hit ” Reveal your Steam key”, copy the code.

visit Steam online activation page:, enter the code and activate the game. That’s it, the popular indie game will be added to your Steam library and yours forever (until we or steam survives).

the flame in the flood free for a limited time

This 48 hours deal will be available until 1 PM May 12, 2018(EST) and the Steam code received through this giveaway muse redeemed by May 26th, 2018.

The Flame in the Flood is an adventure game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic city of America that has been flooded.

You play as Scout, a young American girl and her dog called Aesop, have to explore abandoned backwaters of America to survive. They have to travel on foot or sail on a raft on a procedurally-generated river to search for resources or food and create tools to fight predators.

The player’s main task is to survive in this unfriendly world, you have to be careful, Scout can easily die from hunger, thirst and wild animals. Once Scout dies, it’s game over.

If you don’t know What to play this Weekend, it’s worth playing Flame in the Flood also its free of cost.

On Steam, this game received 77 percent positive reviews from more than 1400 users.

Released in 2016, the game is playable on both Windows and macOS, it was developed by the indie studio The Molasses Flood. The developers  of this game previously worked on famous games such as BioShockHalo 2, and Rock Band