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The DRUM BUNDLE by Beat for Free - 131 drumkits, 554 loops,1 VST drum plugin and eBook

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The DRUM BUNDLE by Beat includes a complete collection of drums for Zampler and MPCs, a VST drum plugin for Windows and Mac that includes 54 kits and 554 drumloops, as well as an eBook in both German and English about drumming and groove creation.

Additionally, you’ll receive over 200 MIDI patterns for usage with any of the kits, which all adhere to the General MIDI drum layout. Thus, you may immediately begin creating suitable grooves and easily switch between kits or modify existing ones to your liking.

This 1.68 GB bundle by Beat costs around $25 or €19.90. You can buy it

Today is offering this bundle for free. This giveaway is part of their Advents Kalender-2021 giveaways. So, the giveaway will available only for today or 24 hours.

Just visit this .

Enter your email address, agree to the terms, and click the “Download Now” (Jetz Gratis Runterlanden).

Check your email inbox for an email from (, click the confirmation link in that email.

The confirmation leads to the download page, click the “Jetz Download Starten” button to download the Zip file [1.6 GB].

Tip: You can skip the above process and straightaway download the Zip file or from this direct link.

The DRUM BUNDLE by Beat - Folder Contents

Extracting the zip file you will notice folders of Beat Drumbox VST plugin, Drums & Grooves eBook (both German & English), MPC Expansion Ultimate Drums, and Zampler Ultimate Drums.

In the Folders, you can find the instructions to use MPC Expansions and VST Plug-in.

About The DRUM BUNDLE by Beat

ULTIMATE DRUMS – 77 classic drumkits for Zampler & Akai MPCs

Beat searched their sample archive for sounds of legendary drum machines, and  sampled all the drummies that they could find in the studio that host the typical legacy sound. But Beat didn’t just record the grooveboxes and modules, they refined them for you as always with their outboard setup. Among others with their TLA Ivory compressor and MPC 2500, which has already become something like their studio mascot and is still simply the number 1 for powerful and dirty drums.



  • 42 drum.
  • 15 single drum shot patches.
  • 20 acid patches.
  • 212 MIDI drum patterns.

Drumbox VST plugin – 54 kits & 554 loops from vintage to modular


The Drumbox promises pure drums galore, which means a phalanx of hip drum sounds under one surface – prepared, ready to play and edited without frills for immediate use. The plugin contains a total of 54 drum kits and 554 loops, including from classic Alesis, Roland, Jomox and Nord drumkits, as well as experimental modular kits, foley sounds and percussion, prepared for instant use.


Available as VST for Windows and macOS. Does not work with Pro Tools 2021.3.1 (at least on Mac 10.15 and higher) and Logic X.


Drumbox features:

  • 18 vintage & classic groovebox kits.
  • 12 Modular drum kits.
  • 2 chromatic cowbell kits.
  • 22 classic 808 and 909 kits.
  • 554 drum loops from classic drumsamplers and modded groovboxes.

Drums & Groove – Step by step to a fat Beat [eBook, 🇺🇸+🇩🇪]


Whether techno, EDM, hip-hop or chillout, drums have to sound crisp, need to be used cleverly and above all: they have to have groove. But what to look for when searching for sounds, how do kick and bass become one unit, how can ready-made loops and samples be combined into a signature sound. How can you even create your own sounds and how does a infectious groove come about? Look forward to all the answers, techniques and personal equipment recommendations from the editorial team.


Product details:

  • 1 PDF per language
  • 18 pages
  • 471 MB workshop files (link included in magazine)