The 10 worst OS in the history of computing

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It is now possible to choose among a wide variety of operating systems to run our PC’s, but most probably almost 90% PC’s will have operating system’s pre-installed by the manufacturer or seller. Throughout the history of computing there are many operating systems that failed for their mistakes . The PCWorld Magazine listed them in The 10 Worst Operating Systems of All Time article.

The list is presented chronologically, with Windows Vista Launched in 2006 current os untill the arrival of windows7 the latest operating system from Microsoft. Vista exaggerated the technical requirements that demanded the up-gradation of memories , problems in recognizing the drivers of devices and incompatibility with the applications developed for xp, Windows Vista has turned into a failure.

Here I leave 10 worst OS’s list in their order of appearance:

1. OS/360 (1964)
2. Incompatible Time sharing System (ITS) (late 60s)
3. GNU Hurd (1983)
4. Windows 1.01 (1985)
5. MS-DOS 4.0 (1988)
6. SCO Open Desktop (1989)
7. Java OS (1996)
8. Windows Me (2000)
9. Lindows – Linux XP Desktop (2001-2006)
10. Windows Vista (2006)


Next to vista is Lindows, an attempt to combine Linux with Windows, which was launched in 2001. Promised to run all Windows applications on Linux, but a few months the system was abandoned. Even with Wine, Lindows was not capable enough to run Windows applications. Another most recent attempt was Linux XP Desktop, which appeared in 2006 but also failed to run many applications.

Other operating systems were unsuccessful was Windows Me (Millennium Edition), released in 2000, which was characterized by instability. and Java os, 1996, a very very slow os.Probably the worst was from Microsoft, with four operating systems on the list.