San Francisco based  Blog search and tracking company Technorati has purchased AdEngage, an online ad network that reportedly serves over 12 billion ads across 4,000 websites per month.Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

AdEngage’s platform to lay groundwork for self-service ad network, Technorati Engage, which targets blogs and social media sites. Engage went live in private alpha yesterday.

The goal of Engage is to “help bloggers at all levels make money, while at the same time creating an effective and safe vehicle for brand advertisers,” according to the Technorati blog.
Technorati said it launched a private alpha test of Technorati Engage, a self-service advertising network for blogs and social media sites. The alpha launch offers Technorati users access to AdEngage’s existing text and PhoText products.

The service is slated to enter public beta next month, and to become available with the most popular display ad sizes in the first quarter of 2009.

The company said that while Technorati Engage will focus on blogs and social media, AdEngage will continue to operate as a standalone entity and grow its existing business with its current self-serve advertising network.
Technorati must believe that they can take the 4 year old technology built by AdEngage and adopt it to the blogosphere but we don’t see that working. Once an ad network gets itself into the adult business its hard to shake that reputation and to go Safe For Work.

Given that AdEngage would aspire to be more like Adbrite and given that Adbrite just cleaned house and fired 40 staffers it doesn’t bode well for Technorati that they want to be more like a second rate Adbrite