How Technology Integration is changing the way we learn

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technology integration

Today, more than ever, technology is a crucial part of our daily ventures and this involvement is only going to become more intrinsic with the passage of time.

With the introduction of technology into the educational system, there have been some forthcoming changes which will enhance the student’s learning capabilities and make studying easier at the same time.

Let us look into a few of the key aspects of how the educational system can be improved upon with the help of technological integration.

1.Makes learning and teaching easier: Teachers have been struggling for a long time trying to make students understand topics with theoretical explanations, but essentially end up losing face as not every student is able to understand the topics in the correct manner.

Teachers have to leave what the student grasped out of the explanation to what the student has perceived and how the student visualizes what he has understood using his imagination.

Now, with the help of technology using audio-visual presentations teachers are able to make concepts, for example of thermodynamics, clear to the student’s and explain how the knowledge can be applied in practice rather than in theory.
2.Accessibility: With the help of technological integration, anyone anywhere can get access to any kind of information at any time; given the person has the right means to do so.

This versatility of information introduced by technology opens up a plethora of variable directions in the educational industry that can be improved by technology. For instance, in the case of long-distance education, students can attend classes at any university in the world with the help of technology at home.

Also, with student’s everywhere becoming digitally literate and having access to a mobile phone, there are plenty of educational apps providing courses and notes to whatever topic a student might have a need for.


3.Real-time tracking of a student’s progress: Everyone has been through a point in time where a surprise test from our teacher really ended up surprising us.With the help of technology, teachers can now, with more innovative and interactive ways, conduct assessment of a student’s learning quotient.

With the help of touchscreen devices, tests can be made more interactive as teachers and students are no longer limited just to pen and paper.

Teachers and even parents are able to assess how a student is performing individually and help the student in topics where special attention is required.
4.Technology makes studying more interesting and collaborative: With students becoming increasingly digitally literate with every passing day, they are all getting hooked to sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and such.This can either lead them to be more distracted or help them to be more focused in case of their studies. If used properly, students can collaborate among themselves at any time to have group discussions.

Online tools enable students to a new way of expressing their thoughts and ideas collectively. This helps everyone to perform in group projects, wherein students could even work from home and stay connected through the internet to work on physics projects or help them with their maths homework.

5.Environment-friendly: With the whole world trying to go green by reducing emissions and planting trees, digital learning can bring forth an alternative to printing textbooks and save paper.

With the help of digital textbooks, the amount of paper waste produced by the educational industry can be minimized by a huge factor helping us to save trees and the planet in the long run.


By incorporating technology into our educational system, we can considerably increase the quality of education that is offered to students with improved accessibility and more efficient teaching techniques.

Hence it is clear that the integration of technology in the educational system is a boon to both students and teachers. To see an example of an educational app try out this YouTube channel –