Happy Birthday to Techno360 !


Ha! 09-09-09, it was on this day (09-09-08) we Launched Techno360. Many things happened in the past one year,we didn’t start this blog very straight. We 3 Friends Varunbabu, Ramakanth Reddy, Kavya Reddy jointly started this blog, first we used google’s blogger service, then after two months we moved as self wordpress hosting site.

Blogging has helped me a lot, especially i had seen great improvement in writing in English Language, if i look back to my previous posts (during initial stages of blogging), they are very horrible to read.

we agree that we have done mistakes, but we tried to rectify them, Over a year of blogging, some of my posts might be useful, hateful or hurtful to someone or something. I feel apologize and thank you for being a source of identifying my mistakes.

On this occasion, I thank all the regular readers, feedburner subscribers, and each visitor who visited Techno360.in at one time or another.

Finally I like to thank some websites where we use to gather content for Techno360, otherwise there is no use of reading Ethics subject in Engineering.

5.4 Free team