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Techno360 exclusive giveaway: uRex Video Converter Platinum

Few days ago I posted about uRex DVD Ripper Platinum giveaway. Then Ace from uRexsoft contacted me and let me know that they are willing to giveaway free licenses of any of their products for our readers. uRexsoft develops two products, one is the DVD Ripper Platinum and the other is Video Converter Platinum. In my opinion the second product is useful to most users. uRex Video Converter Platinum aims to be a versatile converter in features. I did some preliminary testing and found it Ok.

Here are the features in the software as described in their website


So, in cooperation with uRexsoft, I have arranged a 7 day exclusive giveaway of uRex Video Converter Platinum. I want to thank Ace for the cooperation.

All you have to do is to go to this page


As directed in the image click to download the special installer and use the highlighted installer to register the software.

So, the giveaway page will expire on 22nd Oct but you will be able to activate the product whenever you want. But you will not get a lifetime upgrade with this giveaway license. For that you need to follow few more steps as described in the giveaway page.

Method 1: Share the giveaway on your Facebook, twitter, Google+, YouTube or any other SNS page. Any account with 200 or more friends or followers is able to get a license with free & lifetime upgrade. Please provide us the link you share to
Method 2: Share this giveaway news on forum. You are able to get a license with free & lifetime upgrade as long as the topic has 100 visitors. Please provide us the link you share to
Method 3: Publish this giveaway on your blog or other website. A license with free & lifetime upgrade is available for sites with Alexa rank below 500 ,000. Please provide us the link you share to
Method 4: Recommend the program or giveaway news to 5 or more friends via email. Please provide us the name or email address to To protect privacy, you can leave out or replace one or more letters with stars.


Please do not copy the license code and link to the special installer in any blog/forum/social networking sites. If you want to share the news about this giveaway share link of this blog post or of the giveaway page. Thank you.

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