TATA DOCOMO launches talktime rollover plan

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TATA DOCOMO is the first GSM operator in INDIA that launched ‘per-second’ billing which brought price war among GSM operators, but got stuck by the same plan because all other GSM operators  offered the same plan.So it didn’t gain expected customers from other GSM operators but it managed good Customer base.

Now TATA DOCOMO launched a new plan called ‘Rollover Plan’ (RO Plan) , which allows customers pay by the month and forward their unused free talk time and SMS for a period of three months.

The plan is available in 4 variants: RO 500, RO 799, RO 1000 and RO 1099 at a monthly rental of Rs 500, Rs. 799, Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 1,099 respectively.

The other highlight of the plan is that it extends the concept of ‘per-second’ billing it also makes available the free usage in seconds. For example the RO 1099, offers 150000 seconds of free local calls and 72000 seconds of free STD calls per month thus offering its customers with complete transparency and unmatched benefits.

The customers can carry forward the accumulated unused free talk time and free SMS each month, for a period of three consecutive months. The roll over benefit will be applicable for 8 consecutive cycles with each cycle consisting of 3 months.

[Via Tata Docomo Press release]

  1. Till now all mobile companies have been robbing off the unused and left overs of my subscriptions. And now atlast we find a mobile company with humanity. Thanks for the information Ramakanth.

  2. Tata Docomo is really good.Their network is also better than previous tata network:)…But i am having airtel and they activate schemes by themselves(i hav a touchscreen phone) and when i argue with them no results appear.i hav wasted more than 5ooRs because of their schemes and never got a compromise..:(