Tata Docomo 3G Tariffs

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Tata Docomo launched its 3G services this Diwali in nine Circles in India and became the first 3G service provider among other Private Mobile Network operators.After providing a 7 days free 3G services trail to its users, on Tuesday Tata Docomo revealed its 3G service tariffs and charges.

The highlight is similar to previous 2G tariff revolution, it introduced per second pulse tariff and sets3G tariff at 66 paise/sec.I think these lower tariffs will sure put pressure on other 3G operators Vodafone, Reliance, Aircel and Airtel , which expected to announce their tariffs very soon.

There are 3 plans are available for both post-paid and pre-paid users, which starts from Rs 500 and go up to Rs 2,000, these include monthly Voice usage as well as data usage. For example if you use 750 RS plan you will get 750 minutes of local and STD calls and 250 MB of 3G data. For 2,000 plan you will get 5,000 minutes of calls and 2 GB of data.

For all these tariff plan the call rate will be 0.66 paise/sec and similar to 2G voice calls, all 3G service calls will be charged only for number of seconds used.

1.Small Screen Plans : (Voice and Data Usage

These plans are for Small Screen Mobile phone users who need both 3G voice and high-speed data connectivity.The plan offers customers a combination of voice minutes and data usage, with simplicity & transparency in both PostPay and PrePay.

Price Free Local/ STD Call Benefits (Per Month) Free Data Usage
Rs. 500 750 min 250 MB
Rs. 750 1250 min 500 MB
Rs. 1000 2000 min 1 GB
Rs. 2000 5000 min 2 GB
  • These minutes can be used for ALL local, STD and outgoing roaming calls—all calls are on a per-second pulse
  • The options are designed at various price points to cater to different consumption levels
  • The above voice call minutes and 3G Data plans have a validity of 30 days
  • Plans available in both PostPay and PrePay, so customers can choose their payment preference
  • In addition, there is also a plan available only on Prepay for Rs. 350. This has 500 minutes (Local+STD) and 150 MB of 3G Data

Small Screen Plans  -3G Data Top-up:

described above (see table below).

Price 3G Data
Rs 200 200 MB
Rs 500 650 MB
  • These Top-ups have a validity of 30 days.
  • The Top-ups are available in both PostPay and PrePay,
  • In addition, there is also a Top-up available only on Prepay for Rs 9 which provides 100 MB of 3G Data with a validity of 7 days.


2.Worry-Free Unlimited Plans:

If you have large screen high-end Mobile and looking for unlimited plan, then this plan is for you. Also users who want 3G services to access the Internet on their laptops, tablets and PCs can avail this plan which provides USB Data Cards for conncetivity.

Speed Rental / Recharge Data Post bundle data Validity Device Advised
Mbps Postpaid Prepaid Units Charging Speed* Days Validity
3.6 Mbps 1000 1000 5 GB Zero 128 Kbps 30 HSUPA
3.6 Mbps 1250 1250 10 GB Zero 128 Kbps 30 HSUPA
7.2 Mbps 1275 1275 5 GB Zero 128 Kbps 30 HSUPA
7.2 Mbps 1500 1500 10 GB Zero 128 Kbps 30 HSUPA
21.1 Mbps 2000 NA 15 GB Zero 256 Kbps 30 HSPA+

3.Tata Docomo Basic 3 G Plans:

Speed Postpaid (Rental) Prepaid (RCV) Free Data Validity
3.6 Mbps Rs. 500 Rs. 500 650 MB 30 Days
3.6 Mbps Rs. 750 Rs. 750 2 GB 30 days

Tata DoCoMo 3G services will be available in following 9 Circles:

  1. Maharashtra
  2. Gujarat
  3. Karnataka
  4. Kerala
  5. Punjab
  6. Haryana
  7. Uttar Pradesh (West)
  8. Rajasthan
  9. Madhya Pradesh

Currently the service has been rolled out in following 20 cities: Rajkot, Bharuch, Ambala, Karnal, Panipat, Thanesar, Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Jalandhar, Patiala, Bhopal, Udaipur, Kota, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Roorkee, Modinagar, Shridi and Bangalore.