Tap Heroes Game Free Steam Key

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Tap Heroes is a little game that has the perfect amount of traditional RPG action. Steam key of the game costs $2.99, now you can get it for free.

You can start playing the game by clicking the left or right side of the screen, this will get you coins, gems, and experience points or you can simply watch the gam as a spectator and look how the heroes manage on their own.

It’s an Idle RPG, which means if you don’t want to do anything, the game will automatically play for you.

This may sound dull, but it actually isn’t. You can step in if you want and help your character out on the harder bosses, and indeed you’ll have to if you want to survive long-term.

Clicking on the enemies will rain blow after blow upon their heads, quickly dispensing with the onslaught of beasts thrust in your path. Clicking on your own character allows you to heal him, and in true RPG fashion you can bolster these two powers with boosts, exchanged for the gold coins that blossom from the vanquished foe.

Tap Heroes Game Free Steam Key:

At whosgamingnow, you can get a free Steam key to the Tap Heroes game by completing 5 simple tasks as listed below:

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Just, visit the offer page, sign-in with your Steam account and complete the 5 tasks by clicking the links and claim your Steam key.

Once you received the steam key, run the Steam application on your system and in the main window of the app, click ‘Add a Game’ and then click on  ‘Activate a Product on Steam’.

Follow on-screen instructions and use the steam key you received to add Tap Heroes game to your Steam game library.