Tannenberg Game and Shop Titans in-game items Worth $100 for Free

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Tannenberg, a first-person shooter set in World War I, and Shop Titans, an RPG shop simulation game, are now free on the Epic Games store.

From July 21 to July 28, 2022, anyone can get Tannenberg and Shop Titans free from the Epic Games store. These are exciting additions, especially since Shop Titans is already free on other platforms, but anyone who gets it on Epic’s storefront during this time will get $100 worth of in-game items.

On the other hand, Tannenberg is a standalone expansion to the multiplayer FPS Verdun, which came out in 2019. This game, like Verdun, is a realistic recreation of the First World War with exact weaponry, clothing, equipment, and gore modeling. This game is based on the Battle of Tannenberg in East Prussia in 1914, while Verdun is based on the Battle of Verdun in 1916.

Get these two titles from the Epic Games Store using the links provided below.

Shop Titans and Exclusive Giveaway Package (In-game items Worth $100):



About Shop Titans:

This game is a mix of simulation and role-playing game elements. Basically, you run a shop where adventurers come to buy things. You can also send your own hired adventurers on quests to get things for you that you can then sell for more money.

Most of the time, the players are in the background. The game takes place in a big city or hub for adventures, but players are shop owners, not adventurers. Players will be able to set up their own shops, customize their appearance and goods, craft, upgrade, and enchant items, divide their heroes into 18 classes, send them out to fight monsters, and even play the market and guilds around them.

Tannenberg Game

About Tannenberg Game:

This FPS  puts players on the front lines of World War I, where they must fight against the Russian Empire, Germany, and others for control of the Eastern Front. It tries to be a realistic war simulation with seven squads, 50+ weapons, eight large maps, tactical freedom, and more.