Tails OS: Secure OS to Stay Anonymous

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Tails OS (unusually named tool) is actually a live Linux-based operating system that you can boot into and use on any computer.

This free OS can hide who and where you are, it’s optimized for anonymity, doesn’t leave any traces behind, and comes with a collection of privacy and encryption tools.

If you are worried about your privacy on the internet, then you must start using this OS as it is preferred by famous NSA whistle-blower  Edward Snowden.

The main aim of this OS is to protect your privacy and helps you to surf the web anonymously.

Tails is an acronym for ” The Amnesic Incognito Live System”, you can run this OS from a DVD, USB memory stick, or SD card.

Using Tails OS, you can cruise the sea called internet anonymously while safeguarding your Privacy and deceive or thwart censorship imposed by the government.

The main idea of using this operating system is to browse the web like a boss and use any computer without leaving any traces and stop the snooper spying on you.

The OS based on the Debian 9 (Stretch) Linux operating system also features built-in encrypted emails and chat with private messaging.

This secure OS supports built-in file encryption as well. Using this file encryption feature, you can save your documents to a pen drive and they’ll automatically be encrypted.

So by using Tails OS, you can encrypt your files, emails, and Instant-messaging chats to make sure no one else read them.

It doesn’t end here as this is secure OS is pre-loaded with good software such as GIMP (image editor), Audacity (sound editor ), Inkscape (drawing application), LibreOffice (office suite), and more, so you can do all kinds of tasks.

For browsing the web, it provides Iceweasel, a Firefox-based browser that uses the Tor network for routing connections.

Tor is an open network that bounces your communication around a distributed network of global relays.

For anonymity on the web most users prefer Tor, it lets you access blocked sites, hides your physical location, and prevents others from watching over your Internet connection.

Tails OS preserves your privacy and anonymity, you have access to cryptographic tools to encrypt, circumvent censorship and use the Internet anonymously without leaving any trace on your computer.


Visit tails.boum.org website and select  Which operating system are you installing Tails from (Windows or MACOS or Linux).

Download the tails 5.4 -USB Image.

If you plan to install and run it on a USB drive, you will need a USB stick with a capacity of at least 8GB.

To flash the image, Download balenaEtcher (https://www.balena.io/etcher/)

Install the balenaEtcher program and insert an empty USB flash drive of at least 8 GB into your computer.

Run the balenaEtcher software, Click the Flash from file button and then pick the USB image you downloaded earlier.

Then, after choosing your USB drive, click “Select target” and “Flash.”

It only takes a few minutes to set up. Balena Etcher checks the integrity of Tails after it has been installed.

If everything went well, you’ll get the message ” Flash Complete! “. You may now exit the program.


  1. Dear Mr Ramakanth , can I use that prog Tails on a Windows 7 system also ? I am a little bit cofused about it …
    I now ist is a linux based program and is it for Linux os only ?

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