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WiFi Stumbler

WiFi Stumbler is a free web-browser based tool from Meraki that allows you to find WiFi hotspots or wireless connections near to your PC. With the help of your PC’s or notebook Wi-Fi antenna it will scan local access nodes and provides information about nearby wireless networks.

Download YouTube videos by changing one letter

Do you want to download Youtube videos to your Desktop so that you may watch them again and you are searching for  a simple Online or desktop tools to download the videos. Then here is a simple and quickest online solution from 3outube, which allows you to download youtube videos just by
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Sensible Units – Convert units to real objects

SensibleUnits is a very simple web service hat helps you to “Convert boring units to real objects as you type!” . For instance if you type 80GB(gigabytes).It will show you following objects : 110 CDs. 9.4 DVDs (dual layer). 25 human genomes. 30 English Wikipedias (without images). The purpose of Sensible Units

iCloud – A web operating system

iCloud is a free “web OS” like  YouOS and EyeOS.It’s an OS-like desktop but with good design  and quite similar  user interface  that we have in  Windows 7 or Vista, with a sidebar which can be customized through widgets. This is a beta service which is free to try and runs a
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AlternativeTo- Find Alternative Softwares for all platforms

Are you  searching for a good software or simply an alternative to what you are using? then you must  consider AlternativeTo ,which is an expert in providing alternatives to popular applications . we know that there are many applications that are quite good but unfortunately they are only for a specific platform.
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Upload Mirrors-upload files to 12 different sites at once

Upload Mirrors is a free online webs service that allows you to upload your files to 12 different file hosting sites with a single click or one single upload. 12 File hosting sites Include: RapidShare Megaupload sendSpace EasyShare DepositFiles ZShare MegaShare NetLoad FlyUpload UploadedTo Badongo ZippyShare This service provides very simple interface,
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TinyTrials :A collection of mini-games

There are people who like to jump for hours with  games having  a long and complicated adventure plot, and also there are people who prefer play quick and  entertaining games, without complications.  If you’re in the latter group then I’m  sure you’ll love TinyTrials . TinyTrials is a diverse collection of online

5 Tools to Detect Dangerous websites

One of the major problems that exist in the Internet is insecurity in browsing Websites.Today there are thousands of Internet sites that apparently seem to be safe but in fact they hide malicious code inside them ,which exploit browser vulnerabilities and  infects user systems or  even affects other websites. Although you may
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PageBoss :Domain analyzer

Today I present a wonderful web tool that allows us to accurately analyze domains, providing all information related to any Internet domain. PageBoss gives you valuable information of the domain that you want to see, but we must not confuse with whois, as PageBoss service is quite different from a whois.Page boss