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iolo technologies’ System Mechanic is one of the most famous System tuning & tweaking software that will speed your PC by fixing problems. Recently iolo technologies released latest version System Mechanic 10. System Mechanic 10 costs around $49.95 where as System Mechanic 10 Professional edition retails at $69.95.

The main difference between System Mechanic 10 and System Mechanic Professional 10 is that the professional version not ony cleans and speeds up your PC but it is a complete PC Suite with System Mechanic 10 + four award winning iolo software products, worth a total of $300 :

1. System Shield 4 AntiVirus and AntiSpyware : Eradicates stubborn PC pests and block future infections.

2. DriveScrubber 3 – Securely erases data from your hard drive

3.Search and Recover 5 : Recovers lost data from your PC or any digital devices.

4.Online Backup : Provides Secure online storage for your important files.

So you are getting all 5 award-winning products in a complete suite for 69.95 (or $39.95 with this week’s promotion).

System Mechanic 10 Professional:

Everyone using Windows computers will sooner or later experience system speed problems. Over time, your Windows machine will slow down and start misbehaving, like freezing, crashing, or otherwise performing poorly, because every system needs periodical maintenance to keep it in perfect shape.

If you are a PC geek you can do it on your own, but normal users requires a maintenance utility and System Mechanic 10 is a perfect Windows performance software with more than 50 tools that are engineered to work together and clean up the digital clutter that bogs down your computer.

System Mechanic will clean, defrag and repair the registry as well as accelerate your system startup by fixing some of the primary causes of slow performance.

Installation :

Installation of System Mechanic 10 is straightforward: just select the type of License, Speed of your Internet connection, sign up for ActiveCare Reports and within a few seconds you will see the System Mechanic 10 welcome screen, where you can find all the information about the new System Mechanic 10.

User Interface :

After skipping the welcome screen, you will see the home page of the User Interface. System Mechanic’s user interface is nicely laid out, in a way that even a 6-year-old kindergarten boy can understand and use very easily. It has User‐friendly design, instructive graphics, and easy‐to‐understand access to repairs and optimizations.

Now on entering the System Mechanic 10 Dashboard, you will see a health status meter indicating your system status, and you can click the “analyze now” button and repair all problems with the “repair all” button.

You can also run optimization and repair features individually with Individual tools that are available for various specific issues, or you can use the All-In-One Solution

The System Mechanic 10 user interface is categorized in 5 modules:

  1. Overview: Displays PC Status, recommended system fixes.
  2. ActiveCare: Enable monitoring of your system for errors and automatic fixing
  3. Internet Security: Monitor malware and firewall protection
  4. Toolbox: Access a truck load of tools designed to optimize, repair, diagnosis and secure your system.
  5. Reports: Displays system stats and other important PC information.
    System Mechanic 10 Pro Features:

  1. Optimize your PC for peak performance
  2. Repair problems and errors, and prevent them from recurring
  3. Clean up system clutter
  4. Fix security vulnerabilities
  5. Maintain reliability and speed
  6. Anti-virus and anti-spyware protection
  7. Secure online backup
  8. Secure data deletion
  9. Recover accidentally deleted data from any device

What’s New in System Mechanic 10?

  1. Program Accelerator : Re-aligns programs for faster responsiveness
  2. CRUDD Remover : Helps to identify and eliminate duplicate programs that clog your system
  3. Internet Connection Repair: Detects and repairs bad connections
  4. Total Registry Revitalizer: Repair, compact, defragment, and backup your Windows registry in one step
  5. Jump Lists: System Mechanic 10 supports the new popular feature of Windows 7.
  6. Tune-up Definitions ENHANCED
  7. DriveAccelerator ENHANCED and many more enhancements


System Mechanic 10 Pro has an excellent set of system maintenance tools that keeps your system in perfect shape.Rather than spending money to run several different utilities separately, you can go for System Mechanic 10 pro which has everything in one application.


Giveaway :

Update : Giveaway has ended and the Lucky winners are: Grr and tito7227
Winners Check your email-Inbox , you will receive System Mechanic 10 Pro License code very shortly .
For this Giveaway we have two System Mechanic 10 Professional Licenses, to participate in the Giveaway jut follow below rules

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  2. Then leave a Comment below with your status or your shared URL.
  3. The Giveaway will end on 20/10/2010 and the winners will be announced on 20/10/10 evening 6.30 PM(IST).
  4. Mean while you can download and test System Mechanic 10 Pro trail for 30 days over here


  1. Let me be the first to post a comment :). Wish this giveaway was on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis :P. Any way no point day dreaming need to be more practical.

    Once again thanks ramakanth for this nice review and super giveaway. Since the time i’m following this blog regularly my email id if full of free license and keys thanks to u and ur dedicated team.

    Now coming back to this post i must once again thank you for this great review. Honestly speaking for me Advanced SystemCare, TuneUp utilities, System mechanic is all same. Seriously speaking never faced any such situation where i HAVE to use this s/w and theres no choice. Never faced any such situation where i need to accelerate my pc. But still i would like to try it…….

    Heres the link as per the rule —>!/amazzingAG/status/27468610553

    Thanks & continue the great work 🙂

  2. Since fro July 2008 I have been using this software. I mostly most of the time brouwse the internetto find out the best softwares and try a hand on it and undelete it if it is not worthy. By doind this my system is very higly prone to the virus attack, dumping lot of temp and other files leading to have a heavy clustter on my system. When compared to with other softwares such as Advances system Care, Tune up utilities, this System Mechanic Pro is the best one which eliminate the virus attak and other registry problems and help me to keep my system always perfect. Since I not only recommend the others to try a hand on this system also please include me in, to obtain a free license

  3. As compared with other softwares such as tune up utilities, advanced system care,etc. this System Mechanic Pro is number one as per my personal experience. If I get a chance to get a license I can extend my license period. So please count me in.

  4. Thank, the information you provide at very useful, it helps for people who are using computers to solve many problems that they are facing.
    I look forward to all the participants have the opportunity to receive your prize. I know that the value of the period not huge but it is significant to people who are using computers.
    Wishing all good luck.

  5. Hi Ramakanth, I’m so glad to see ur post about SM.Pro giveaway. Now i’m using the SM.v10 and very satisfy with the soft: stable, quick… but my license is going to expire next month. So hopefully to able continue using this great SM.Pro for my PC from ur nice giveaway. Thank you very much.
    Here is my twitter <>

  6. Hi Ramakanth. Thanks for your great program giveaway.
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    please count me in. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for this gr8 giveaway rama..:)
    Dont count me in and i wish all the best to participants

  8. this is very nice software,i want it but cant afford to buy,,please count me in with this giveaway,more power…tnx…

  9. Hi Ramakanth. Thanks for your great program giveaway.
    Here is my twitter <>
    please count me in. Thanks.

  10. OMG,
    What an awesome giveaway…
    As what I can conclude,this stuff is a must in every pc cause its can solve various pc problems and also function as online backup which is very usefull…..
    Hope I can grab it….thanks Ramakanth 4 this great opportunity…hope I can make a use of it for my little laptop.
    here is my facebook

  11. Posted this on Facebook!/1Whizzy
    I used System Mechanic back when it was version 3 and 4. Was unable to buy the new versions after that unfortunatly so i hope this giveaway will be mine 🙂
    I have always been very happy with IOLO System Mechanic Pro. It has helped my overal system performance (then win98 and WinXP)and i asume that with my current system (Win7 32bit Ultimate) the results will be comparable

  12. Hi Ramakanth.
    Thanks for your great program giveaway.
    I don’t know what was happened with my 2 previous status, that missed my post link.Here is my twitter =

    please count me in. Thanks.

  13. well, this is really a great maintenance software , totally complete, compared to other maintenance software, this is what i need, i hope i’ll win one key, really great offer, thanks alot…..

  14. Great giveaway. System Mechanic 10 Pro is a very good program. Hope I will be the lucky one to get this offer.
    With regards

  15. iolo System Mech
    This product is as worthless as tits on a boar hog, and a total waste of money. All it does is occupy resources downloading more updates, or uploading more downdates, every single day. One time I tried to run it and it couldn’t seem to launch; I walked away and when I came back the next day, it was still trying to launch. It didn’t do anything that it promised, and I finally got so sick of its banal and vapid interruptions and BS that I uninstalled it and threw it away.

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