Syberia and syberia 2 games giveaway

Syberia and Syberia 2 Games Now Free for a Limited time [Worth $26]

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Syberia and Syberia 2 are adventure games developed and published by MC2-Microïds. Both games sell for $12.99 on the Steam store.

Now GOG is offering these third-person puzzle-solving games for free, but for a limited time period (72 hrs) or until 17th July 2021 (1 PM UTC).

To grab these two games for free,  visit

Scroll down on the front page.

You will notice the giveaway banner, click the “Yes, and claim the game” button.

Login to your GOG account (or create an account) and once again hit the “Yes, and claim the game” button.

That’s it,  the two games will be added to your collection, it’s yours to keep and play forever, for free.

Download the GOG Galaxy gaming client, install it, and log in to your account, from there you can download and play the game.

You can play these games on both Windows and Mac devices.

About Syberia Game:

This adventure game offers a rich story, complicated characters, and tons of puzzles. You will explore a truly imaginative game world, and experience stunning visuals.

The game follows Kate Walker, an American lawyer tasked with overseeing the major sale of a company, and her subsequent journey across Europe and Russia to find the brother of the recently deceased owner. Alongside the main plot, the story also consists of a subplot involving Kate’s personal life.

Key Features

  • A gripping script that goes beyond your imagination
  • Rich and intriguing characters with detailed and realistic 3D environments
  • Film-like camera angles, movements, and framing
  • Original and creative puzzles (completely integrated into the scenario)

Syberia 2

About Syberia 2:

This sequel is stylistically identical to the first SyberiaSyberia II  improves upon the first game by introducing more realistic character animation.

The game includes a recap of the first chapter, so it does not require the player to have experienced the first game.

Like its predecessor,  the player must solve various puzzles and follow certain procedures to proceed.