Swiss researchers can hack wired Keyboards

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A team of Swiss  security researchers showed that there are several ways to recover keystrokes from wired keyboards by simply measuring the electromagnetic radiations emitted when keys are pressed.

The Team of Reasearchers at the Security and Cryptography Laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne Switzerland, say that they found four different ways that they can attack to recover keystrokes from wired keyboards at a distance about 65 feet(around 20mts) from the target.

The Team of researchers said they can capture the words being typed on 11 different models of keyboards by monitoring the electromagnetic radiation emitted by those keyboards. The techniques work on PS /2, universal serial bus, and laptop keyboards.

The team released two online videos demonstrating the research findings,you can watch by clicking links(video) below.

In one video demonstration,they said “We conclude that wired computer keyboards sold in the stores generate compromising emanations (mainly because of the cost pressures in the design). Hence they are not safe to transmit sensitive information. No doubt that our attacks can be significantly improved, since we used relatively inexpensive equipments”.
A research paper on the discovery will be published after a peer-review process