SURVIVALIST - Zombies & Horror Game For Free [Windows]

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Survivalist is an isometric 3D sandbox RPG zombie survival game, with great emphasis on the survival aspect.

It is one of the best zombie games. The game starts as a typical isometric zombie shooter and becomes an adventure RPG. You manage survivors, bases and a bunch of different characters with varying skill-sets.

This Indie game on Steam Store sells for USD $4.99, now Indiegala is giving away it as a free download.

Visit this and hit the “Download” button to download the full game for free.


Players start the game as Joe Wheeler who has hidden in an underground bunker trying to avoid the spreading zombie virus.

Supplies have run out after a year, thus Joe must venture out and get food and water to keep on living.

Simple enough, until Joe realize that there are zombies running around and civilized life is all but wiped out.

What follows next is Joe wheeler daily struggle in the search for food and supplies to keep alive and safe from the hazards of a
devastated, zombie-infested, gang-ridden land.

This being an open-world game, you are free to roam anywhere you please in the search for more supplies.

The further you stray from the safety of your bunker though, the more dangers lurk around every corner.

Survivalist focuses on a more realistic tone to the genre than most games do. While you do have the usual gunning and scavenging,
the core mechanic of the game focuses on community and humanity as a whole.

When exploring Survivalist’s desert wasteland setting, you will often come upon other survivors of the zombie uprising.

Each encounter can shape the outcome of your play through as every person you meet has their own personality, relationships,
and personal goals and needs.

Your actions upon meeting this person can decide whether they are a friend or foe, and they will remember your choice as well.

Early in the game if you rob a passerby and later in your next meeting they will remember your face with a seething look of
hatred pointed your way and possibly the barrel of a gun as well.

Begin friendly trades with a well-armed group and they will welcome you to their camp for further use and trade.

The amount of work put into the AI to simulate a living and thriving community among the NPCs was amazing to see.