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The Surge DLC: Cutting Edge Pack Now Available for Free

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The Surge is an Action-RPG game, the developers are giving away a new DLC “Cutting Edge Pack” free to the base game players.

The new DLC “Cutting Edge Pack” introduces new armor and weapons to the base game, the DLC is available free across popular gaming Platforms [PS4, Steam, and Xbox One].

The Cutting Edge Pack introduces a bit of brutality to the game with three brand new armor sets and weapons direct from CREO’s most advanced R&D programs.

surge dlc cutting edge

On installing this  DLC you will find six fierce new enemies in Abandoned Production, Management, and Core that must be defeated to acquire the new items – they won’t go down easily.

DLC Description:

Discover 3 new armor sets and their brutal new weapons from CREO’s most advanced R&D programs.

After ‘The Incident’, these cutting-edge medical, space, and nanite technologies left the labs on the backs of your deranged former colleagues.

Follow their trail as you fight your way through the CREO Complex, cut them from your enemies and equip them to get unique bonuses!

This pack includes:

 The “Angel VI” space exo-gear

 The “Asclepius” medic exo-gear

 The “Nano Ward” exo-gear

 3 new unique weapons, 1 for each set above

 3 new jumpsuits to equip in the OPS room.

Download the DLC fo free for your  Gaming device from Below links:

For PS4 :

For PC [Steam]:

For Xbox One:

The Surge is an action-RPG featuring innovative combat mechanics and original character progression. The game available on PS4, PS4ProXboxOne, and PC.