Supreme SuperGamer : A super Linux distro for gamers

July 26, 2009 Off By kavya

Super Gamer
Yes I know what you are  going to say, Linux platform is not friendly for Gamers ? Although it is partially true,but in recent years the Penguin operating system has been moving much closer to the games.

An example is Supreme SuperGamer,a Linux distro based on Vector Linux ( based on Slackware) is optimised for a gaming computer environment.

SuperGamer is a games oriented Linux desktop operating system,which has all the normal Linux desktop applications such as the Firefox Browser,, etc., but also has a great many native to Linux games added, as well as some demos of proprietary games.


Mored Deatails of SuperGame Distro:
This OS has kernel, which will work on both 32 and 64 bit PCs. It includes support for ethernet, wireless, and dialup Internet connections. It can run in “Live” mode directly from the DVD and can be optionally installed to your hard drive.

Some Imporatnt softwares Included are Azureus, limewire, Gimp, K9copy, KOffice, OpenOffice 3, Hardinfo (system profiler and benchmark) along with all the plugins for firefox with forcastbar enhanced, adblock, and blockxxx.

This Distro is available for Download in 7.8 GB ISO format on BitTorrent, or you can buy it for $ 15.99 at On-Disk.

Games Included in this Distro are:

Quake Wars
Doom 3
Unreal Tournament
Quake 4
Savage 2
Postal 2
Enemy Territory
Penumbra Black Plague
Urban Terror

On-DiskSoldier Of Fortune
True Combat
America’s Army
Drop Team
Frets On Fire

Chromium B.S.U.
Mad Bomber
BZ Flag
Mega Mario
Super Tux

Download: Supreme Super Gamer on BitTorrent
Via DistroWatch,supergamer