Super Easy Photo Booster,Audio Converter & Live Defrag for Free

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A 3-in-1 holiday giveaway from softpedia, they are offering $50 worth of Windows applications from Super Easy software for free. They are giving away a defragmentation app, a photo retouching app and an audio conversion app – all useful and easy to use apps for free.

Super Easy Photo Booster,Audio Converter & Live Defrag for Free

3-in-1 holiday giveaway includes following 3 apps : 1.SuperEasy Photo Booster, 2.SuperEasy Audio Converter and 3.SuperEasy Live Defrag.

SuperEasy Photo Booster is a one-click photo optimization tool, which will automatically adjust the sharpness, contrast, hue, tonality and saturation of your images, making them look a whole lot better. SuperEasy Photo Booster also provides batch processing, although real-time preview won’t be available, of course.

SuperEasy Audio Converter is an easy to use app that will enable you to process your music for today’s most commonly used devices. Music can also be ripped from video sources, whether they are movies, DVDs or clips downloaded from the Internet.

SuperEasy Live Defrag will keep your hard drives in top shape, ensuring stored information is not fragmented. If your files are not fragmented, they will be opened and modified faster, so you’ll surely notice an improvement in your system’s responsiveness.


To get all these three apps for free visit this Promotion page.