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SubLight : Search and download subtitles

SubLight is a free windows application developed by Sublight Labs, that helps you to avoid frustrating process of searching movie subtitles on Google or other sea

With a neat user interface  from directly on your desktop it allows you to search and download subtitles for your movies easily and quickly for free . The User Interface looks very similar to Office 2010, it supports 46 subtitle languages including Hindi.

Sublight Features :

1. Auto & manual subtitle search along with subtitle ratings and commenting

2. Preview subtitle before download

3. Windows Explorer integration (optional)

4. Video playback for downloaded subtitles

5. Auto update capability,

6. Plugin framework for searching subtitles from other sources (plugin for Podnapisi.NET database is included),

7. Support for and Podnapisi.NET database.


SubLight Installation & Finding Subtitles :

The installation of SubLight is easy with 5 straightforward steps, when you start the installation of app you must select the languages you prefer for Subtitles, the next step it will let you choose user interface (Simple view or Standard view), then it will ask you to specify your default video player either Windows media player or VLC player.

In the next step select subtitle search engines , for better results make sure all are checked and click OK. But DivxFinland and subdivx are Spanish language sources, and Podnapisi.NET requires registration. The Final step is Windows Explorer Integration, when enabled it will automatically download subtitles from the file explorer.

To find subtitles with SubLight is easy, just select the video or movie file location and click ‘Search Subtitles‘. If the movie title is not correct, you can do manual search by correcting the name.


Download SubLight 2.6.3

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