StuffIt Standard Edition 2010 for free

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Stuffit from SmithMicro is an advanced security & compression/decompression software.It uses exclusive patent-protected JPEG compression technology to compress images to the minimum possible size without losing a single pixel of data.

Normally StuffIt Standard Edition 2010(v costs around $25 and now SmithMicro is conducting a limited time Giveaway which allows everyone to get this software for free.

About StuffIt Standard Edition 2010 :
StuffIt 2010 solves basic expansion and compression needs. It incorporates the functionality of StuffIt Expander, DropStuff, DropZip, and DropTar into one convenient program.

StuffIt Standard offers effortless file compression and encryption for any type of file.It allows you to comopress any file quickly and securely with best-ever compression, 512-bit encryption, and data integrity protection.

It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and wizards to email and upload archives to FTP sites. The application has a StuffIt Catalog that tracks all compressed files, supports RAR and TAR files, and comes with corruption and privacy protection. StuffIt makes it simple to access e-mail attachments and downloads that were compressed on any platform, including Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac. Plus, you can use the new drag-and-drop tools to open or view the contents of Zip, StuffIt, Tape, or other archives instantly.

Whether it is a Zip, StuffIt, or any other type of archive, StuffIt will open it. Just drag and drop and you’re done!


  • Create self-extracting archives that open automatically
  • Find compressed files fast
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Use wizards to email and upload archives to ftp sites
  • StuffIt Catalog tracks all compressed files
  • Support for .rar and .tar files
  • StuffIt X file format gives you: best ever compression for faster file transfers, 512-bit encryption for maximum security, error correction for data integrity protection
  • System Requirements: Windows® 7, Vista, or XP; 40 MB of free disk space.


    How to get it for free ?

  1. Visit this promo page, then click “Add to cart“–> “proceed to check” button
  2. Now remove “Extended Download Service ” from the cart as shown in below image and click “Continue” button
  3. Now you will be re-directed to a Web-page, then create SmithMicro account to get your License code.
  4. Thanks to Kimlanvn

  1. Great find. But before I download it, can someone tell me if this is time limited. Also, why 100+ MB for a file archiver?

    1. That 100+ MB file contains Deluxe version installation plus some photoshop plugins installation, so it’s all-in -one installation file, that’s why this much big.