How to Stop Websites using your PC for Mining

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With the Bitcoin price skyrocketing , some people jumped in to Crypto mining and few people started buying the virtual coins, but there are several websites started adding JS mining scripts to their code.

When you visit these websites, without your knowledge they will use your system processor resources (hash power) to mine Crypto currencies such as Monero.

Recently famous torrent site The Pirate Bay was caught using Coinhive script to sneakily mine Crypto currencies from its users.

Fortunately, you can stop these sneaky miners stealing your PC resources.

Two ways to Stop Websites Sneakily using your PC fro Crypto Mining:

  1. Anti-WebMiner:

This is a simple and tiny software (just 474 KB) for Windows users that protects your PC against Crypto currency miners.

The software blocks browser mining scripts by modifying Windows hosts file and disables connection attempts to blacklisted sites such as Coinhive.

Just download the Anti-WebMiner Portable version ( from Github.

Unzip the file, run the Anti-WebMiner app and hit the ‘Protect’ button, that’s it.

2. Chrome Extensions :

If you are using Chrome browser, then simply install any one of  these extensions,

minerBlock :

This extension blocks cryptocurrency miners all over the web, it keeps track of how many miner its blocked and to add newly detected miners its filters are updated constantly.

Get minerBlock extension from Chrome Web Store.

No Coin:

This tiny browser extension is trusted by thousands of users aims to block Crypto coin miners.

No Coin provides you a safe and reliable way to block miners from using your CPU and power without your consent.

It features an easy way to allow miners for a limited time if you need to pass a captcha or shortlink requiring mining.

Get No Coin extension from Chrome Web Store.