Stimator :Calculate The Value Of Your Website

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This is another online  tool that allows us to obtain an approximate value of a website, blog or just a domain, with a rather interesting interface that generate a report on our site by simply entering the URL.
Everything is presented in a very elegant way and even the graphics are pleasing to the eye.
The report gives us a score in different sectors such as the longevity of ownership, the popularity on the Web, the number of backlinks, number of internal links and also there is a factor that determines the popularity of the blog or website from social bookmarking services.


Just enter the url of your blog or website,in a few seconds you will have the full report generated, and of course, the estimated monetary value.

In this case got the estimated price $ 1,466. Whether the data generated Stimator be taken seriously or not, but it is a tool that could help us to measure the “health” of a site, for example, if we are to acquire a blog.

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